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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freshness Burger @ Century Square

You will know that somehow the restaurant is somehow related to Japan when you see these plastic miniature of food samples.

I ordered the "SPAM burger".  Hubby was puzzled and asked me what a "spam" is, and I proudly told him it is just luncheon meat.  Actually, I got to know what a "spam" is from other food blogs too.  Haha..
Spam Burger ($4.50)
Hubby ordered the "Freshness Burger".

Friday, February 25, 2011

RamenPlay @ 313 Somerset

It is Friday again! I decided not to have my lunch in school as I had an appointment with the tour agent at Centrepoint around 2.30pm. Took the train to Somerset and arrived at 313 @ Somerset. Decided to try out RamenPlay's Set Lunch for $10++.  RamenPlay is located at the basement of 313.

                  Main Course:  Tonkotsu Ramen
The ramen was those thin but springy type.  The first mouthful tasted like the minced pork noodle that I like from Bedok North Food Centre.  Haha...  Not bad.
The set comes with chilli chives and a side dish.  I chose the braised egg as my side.  So in total, I had eated one and a half braised egg, including the one in my bowl of ramen. 
My order

My Set Lunch at RamenPlay
313 Orchard Road
#B3-04/06, S238895

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post CNY Family Gathering

My 3rd aunt invited us to her house for family gathering.  She whipped up quite a lot of food for us.  For your information, all my 5 aunts and my mum, my grandma all can cook very well.  All my aunts also like baking and they always bake nice cakes for the family during family gathering.  Too bad, my hobby is eating and appreciating the food that I eat.  Cooking and Baking are almost a No-No for me.
Aunt made ice-cream for us too!
Home-made Oreo Ice-cream
Home-made Kueh Lapis with Prune
Tasted as good as the ones that I normally bought from Batam
Home-made Shepherd Pies

Fried Prawn Fritters

View from her balcony
Night view taken by my iPhone 4
Wii Time!!  The kids and one older kid (hubby) had a great time playing Raving Rabbit.  My dad and the uncles were so amused by them especially when they all did the same type of actions uniformly. 
Where are the aunties?  They were all playing cards at the dining area after meal. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

O'Coffee Club @ Raffles Place

I always look forward to Friday because normally I can leave my workplace early at around 1pm.  Last Friday, I got to make a trip down to Raffles Place to do a bulk purchase of coloured ties for my students preparing for a performance.  The shop "Isrida" is situated at "The Arcade" and they are selling the tie at $5 each, considered one of the cheapest in town already.  :) 

I decided to have my lunch at Coffee Club as most other places were all packed with people. 
Interior of Coffee Club
I chose a cosy corner by myself but later regretted.  As I was not sitting directly under the fan, I felt that the place was a bit warm and stuffy. :(
I skipped breakfast on that day and I ordered lobster bisque baked rice for my carbo cravings.  There wasn't any lobster meat inside but I liked the cheesy baked rice.  It was rather satisfying.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedok Zi Char - As recommended by "Sizzling Woks" 煮炒来咯!

My parents brought us and grandpa to this Bedok Zi Char stall to have our dinner.  They got to know about this Zi Char stall from 煮炒来咯! hosted by Pornsak and Li Teng.  The food was quite ok but as we were having our dinner on that night, the lights tripped 4 times!  Haha... As it was one day before Valentine's Day, some of the customers joked whether the stall owner was trying to create some ambience for the diners.  As such, all my photos were taken with flash.

This is one of their specialties - Volcano Tofu
It must have drawn inspiration from the Yam Ring that we normally can find at normal Zi Char place.
To see how this dish is prepared, you can view this youtube Video clip
Mixed with the tofu, are some bits of sausages, carrots etc
Crab Beehoon
Pork Ribs
To check out the other recommended Zi Char places by "Sizzling Woks", you can check out this

Blk123, Bedok North Street 2,
Tel:9847 4988
Operating Hrs:  5pm-12am

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sentosa Flower Festival 2011

I managed to catch the Sentosa Flower Festival with hubby on its last day. It was a lazy Sunday and we couldn't wake up early enough to go to Sentosa in the morning. We had our lunch at Harbourfront around noon and after that, we walked from Vivocity to Sentosa using the new Sentosa Boardwalk. Now, we just need to pay only $1 per person for the island admission if we use the Sentosa Broadwalk.
As the weather was rather hot, we decided use the travellator which was sheltered.

The fortune rabbit at Resorts World Sentosa.  Standing at 4.5 storeys/ 14 metres high, the largest and tallest topiary rabbit is the centrepiece of Resorts World Sentosa's Lunar New Year celebration.
Merlion Plaza
Zodiac animals at Merlion Plaza

Revealing my age.... Haha...

Giant Easter Eggs at Images of Singapore

Giant Tulips
These tulips are made with fibre-glass, standing tall at 2.5m.

My Sweet Valentine
There was a long queue of people waiting to take photo here with the giant heart as the backdrop.

Matcha Tea - Cold and Bitter, but refreshing for a hot day like this!

Carrot Land

The Magical Tree
Topped by a crown of candy swirls and loop-de-loops, this is one magical lollipop tree that you wouldn't want to miss!