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Friday, May 31, 2013

Itacho Sushi @ Changi Airport T3

A weekday dinner with hubby at Itacho Sushi at Changi Airport Terminal 3.  Hubby wanted to go Ramen Champion again at first, but I managed to convince him to try Itacho Sushi here.  :)  
At around 7+pm, we were pleased that there wasn't a long queue although the restaurant was almost full.  In less than 10 minutes, we were able to get our seats.

 Leftmost:  Curry Lobster with Tobiko (2 for $2.60) and  Spicy Salmon Sakura Ebi  Inari ($1.90)
 Salmon Sushi (Front two) ($2.40) and Fatty Salmon Sushi ($1.70)
 Avocado Tuna Salad with Cheese Sushi ($2.50)
Salmon Lobster Salad Roll ($3.60)
 Roasted Sword Fish ($5.60), Roasted Duck Breast ($3), Roasted Fish Dorsal ($2.70) and 
Squid Leg Sushi ($1.20)
 Smoked Salmon and Black Pepper ($3.20)
Total Bill:  $35.75 including $3 service charge and $2.30 GST.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Have you had your "Bao Today"? 包今天 @ Marina Square

A weekend dinner with hubby.  We reached the shopping mall at around 5.30pm and started hunting for food first since we didn't really have a proper lunch in the afternoon.  At only 5.30pm, the restaurant was almost full but fortunately there was no queue yet.  With a mentality of a typical Singaporean, a restaurant with a crowd or long queue must be good, we decided to dine here instead of the Jiaxiang Kolo Mee restaurant opposite, which had only a few tables filled up.  Frankly speaking, I didn't come with a lot of expectation.  Although the restaurant has been around for so many years, this was actually the first time I was trying out the food here!  We got a table outside the restaurant, near John Little.

Since we were here at this restaurant, where the name includes "Bao" (Bun), we both felt that we might as well order some buns to try since they should be the restaurants' specialty.  I looked through their menu and they have quite a variety of interesting bao that I have not seen before.  For instance, the open-faced buns (Half a Bun).  When we were still flipping the menu, deciding what to order, suddenly one of the service staff put a glass of grass jelly drink loudly on our table and walked off.  I got a rude shock and also puzzled at the kind of attitude of the staff.  Fortunately, the other staff who served us were quite alright and even apologized to us.
Open-Faced Buns
Steamed Creamy Custard Buns
The buns had a tint of pandan fragrance too!

Beancurd Roll
 Cripsy Prawn Roll
 Glutinous Rice wrapped in Pandan Leaf
Probably we came with low expectation, we felt that the dim sum served here was rather good.  Thus, I would like to come back again to try their other dim sum!

Oh yah... I also want to mention that their fruit drink was not worth the price tag.  I ordered passionfruit drink and it was just concentrated fruit drink and tasted terrible.  Thus, next time when I am back, I will just order their milk tea.

Bao Today 包今天
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-234 to 236 Marina Square
Tel: 63362237

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skinny Pizza | What a Crack @ Wheelock Place

This was a Friday dinner with my hubby after my hair treatment at Wheelock Place.  I managed to "chope" two seats at around 6pm before the queue started.  This was our first time at Skinny Pizza.  It is not difficult to find this restaurant at the 3rd level of Wheelock Place as you can find many of these "Pizza guides" on the ground, leading to the restaurant.  
What a crack.

While waiting for my hubby, I flipped through the menu and it was no surprise that I ordered their signature squid ink pizza!

Wow!  Look impressive, isn't it?  Generous amount of squid rings on the black skinny crust. 
Hear the crackle as the pizza cutter rolled across the pizza?  

Looking at this photo while I blog is such a torture now when I haven't had my dinner yet.
This is how thin the crust is.  Seriously, if you eat on its own, it tasted like normal cream biscuit.  However, when you eat it together with the toppings, it brought the taste to a whole new level.  

Overall, we had a very good dining experience here with the delicious food and the service staff were also all full of smiles.

Skinny Pizza Wheelock
601 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fishcake Omelette using Happycall Pan

An easy to prepare omelette dish using Happycall Pan.

 Most people will think this is Chinese carrot cake.  It does look like one, isn't it?

Recipe adapted from  (Serves 2 - 3)

2 to 3 fish cakes (about 50g each), diced
1/2 tsp cooking oil
chopped spring onions (for garnishing - optional)

Mixture A
3 eggs, beaten
a dash of ground white pepper
1/2 tsp light soy sauce

Heat oil (As I am using Happycall Pan, I only use a few drops of oil) and stir fry diced fish cakes for about a minute.
Pour egg mixture (A) over the fish cake.  Gently tilt the wok to ensure all the diced fish cakes are covered in the egg.  Cook a few minutes on one side until dry and nicely brown, then flip the pan and do the same.  Garnish with chopped spring onions (Didn't use in this case).


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day Celebration at Jing Long 金隆 @ Bedok North

Once again, like previous years, we had our mothers' day lunch with my family (maternal) at Jin Long Seafood Restaurant at Bedok North again.  However, again due to Mothers' Day crowd, we waited near 45 minutes before our first dish was being served.  

Presentation of the first dish was good and I was looking forward to other dishes with much anticipation.  Ok, the first dish passed., the crepe was tasty.  :)
Next being served:  Shark Fins.  Not bad too.
 Deep-Fried fish
 However, we were rather disappointed with the food from this dish onwards.  
The cornflakes on the Coffee Pork Ribs, to us, didn't serve any purpose.
 Another ordinary veggie dish.
 The family complaint that the same type of veggies were being served for the next dish, though this time there were dried oysters and mushrooms.
 We were all shocked when the last dish served was actually braised pork with rice when most of us were already quite full.  The way the dish was served looked very unappetizing as well.  Thus, I think again, this dish should be tweaked eg. served without the rice and improve on the presentation, if it were to be part of the set menu.
The desserts was fruit jelly served to each of us in individual small plastic containers.  I didn't bother to take photo of this one.

Overall, compared to last year, we had quite a number of complains with regards to the dishes served in the Mothers' Day Set Menu this year.  We feedback to the manager, and not sure whether because of this, she gave my grandmother 2 bottles of bird nest.  The cost was around $388 per table, which was steeper than last year.  Hope they will continue to make improvement to their menu.   

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆
Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2,
Singapore 460412

For reservation, call: 6442 9398

Yum Cha on Mothers' Day @ Chinatown

Sis-in-law organized a family meal on Mothers' Day morning.  She suggested going to "Da Dong Fatty Weng Restaurant" but only when she reached there, she realized that the restaurant was closed for renovation.  Thus, while we were still looking for a carpark lot, sis-in-law and her hubby went to look for another restaurant.  They settled at "Yum Cha".  At around 9.30am, the queue wasn't that long and they managed to get a table even before we found a carpark lot.
 We only ordered dim sum as it was still early in the morning, we didn't want to go on heavy stuff.  Moreover, hubby and myself got to rush over to another Mothers' Day lunch almost immediately after this meal.  Did you spot some black dim sum here?  
Closer look.. They were Squid Ink Dumplings.  Tastewise, they didn't taste really very different from the normal siew mai.  The squid ink simply just added a splash of black to these dumplings, making them looked more unique.

 Mother-in-law enjoyed all these chicken's claws by herself.

 I quite liked this one - Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice.  The rice was fragrant and soft, and blended well with the meat within.  Do give this a try if you have a chance to dine here.
As the restaurant was very crowded, it was quite difficult to get the push-trolleys' aunties attention.  Some of them were being "hijacked" at certain tables and I didn't manage to get my order of the sesame mango fritters.  Argh...  
Overall, the dim sum were quite ok, but probably due to the crowd, service was rather slow  However, I won't blame them as I could see that they were trying their best to serve us our orders.  At least, they refilled our tea frequently.  After we left the restaurant around 11am, there was a horrendous long queue at the entrance.  We counted ourselves lucky that we didn't need to queue by arriving early in the morning.

Do you like to dine out on Mothers' Day?  For me, if I have a choice, I would gladly choose any other normal day to give my mum a treat.

Yum Cha
20 Trengganu Street, #02-01, Chinatown,
Singapore 058479
Phone: 6372 1717

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Poison Ivy - Lunch at Bollywood Veggies

Our last stop of the day at Kranji Countryside was at Bollywood Veggies.  After covering the goat farm and the frog farm, it was around noon, just in time for lunch!

At Poison Ivy, a bistro at Bollywood Veggies, you can choose to be seated at the air-conditioned indoor seats or outdoor non air-con seats.  As the weather was very hot on that day, we decided to have our lunch indoor.  We could still see the beautiful greenery by looking out the transparent walls.

Updated menu was written on a black board at the wall so before getting seated, you could see all the newly arrived guests walking towards this "special menu" to see what was being served.  Price was very reasonable, with most of the dishes ranging from $4 to $8, with no additional GST and service charge.

Warriors Chicken Curry ($8).  No coconut milk was used for this dish.
Bollywings ($4)

Moringa Tempura ($4)
This was a very good snack, crunchy and really addictive.  Moringa leaves are very rich in calcium, which is said to contain 4 times the amount in milk!
I decided to try the brown rice as it looked healthier.  
The dishes that we ordered for ourselves (2 pax).  For drinks, we ordered their fig drink and lemongrass drink.
I bought a loaf of banana cake during my previous visit and it was one of the best banana cake that I ever had.  Thus, this time round, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to get a loaf of banana cake back.
Haha... Spotted this outside the bistro.  Have you all used this anti-stress kit before?

Once in a while, it is good to escape from the bustling city life and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Poison Ivy Bistro
100 Neo Tiew Road, Kranji
Singapore 719026