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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skinny Pizza | What a Crack @ Wheelock Place

This was a Friday dinner with my hubby after my hair treatment at Wheelock Place.  I managed to "chope" two seats at around 6pm before the queue started.  This was our first time at Skinny Pizza.  It is not difficult to find this restaurant at the 3rd level of Wheelock Place as you can find many of these "Pizza guides" on the ground, leading to the restaurant.  
What a crack.

While waiting for my hubby, I flipped through the menu and it was no surprise that I ordered their signature squid ink pizza!

Wow!  Look impressive, isn't it?  Generous amount of squid rings on the black skinny crust. 
Hear the crackle as the pizza cutter rolled across the pizza?  

Looking at this photo while I blog is such a torture now when I haven't had my dinner yet.
This is how thin the crust is.  Seriously, if you eat on its own, it tasted like normal cream biscuit.  However, when you eat it together with the toppings, it brought the taste to a whole new level.  

Overall, we had a very good dining experience here with the delicious food and the service staff were also all full of smiles.

Skinny Pizza Wheelock
601 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

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