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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crab Bee Hoon @ Pasir Ris

Highly recommended!! Located at a coffeeshop near my house :) Try it out yourself! 1Kg around $35.

Seafood Kitchen
Hai(3) Xian(1) Xiao(3) Chu(2)
Blk 446, Pasir Ris Dr 6

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tao's Restaurant @ Paradize Centre

Husband and I went Tao's Restaurant for 7-course set dinner. The whole restuarant was packed, unlike the Hey Hey Hotpot restaurant (opened by TCS actor Cao Guo Hui) next door which was pathetically deserted. Although both of us didn't really take a proper lunch, we were so full and bloated when we finished our dinner at Tao's. Actually, for me, before the main course arrived, I was already full! No joke! So what came before the main course?

We had our own mushroom and cheese gratin which goes well with their lightly toasted breadstick as a starter. For salad, we ordered Farm Boy Splendor (From the name you wouldn't know what it is.. It is basically sliced chicken with lettuce, topped with some sour-plum sauce) and the other one I ordered is the fruit salad. Next, we had wild mushrooms.. one of my favourite dishes, not too sure whether hubby can cook this for me next time? :P Then came the soup, husband had cream of mushroom which was very thick and creamy and I had the shark-fin melon soup. Cannot find shark-fin in the soup... only melon that looked like shark-fin :P They served sorbet in a shot-glass, very refreshing. However, husband and I were both full before the main course started. He had the pork ribs and I had baked fish with cheese. We had a few bites and we stopped to "rest"... Keke.. Seeing that our food was untouched for quite a while, the manager came to us and asked us whether there was anything wrong with the food. He even said he could help us to heat up our food if we required.

Service was excellent here! This was my second time to Tao's restaurant. The first time I came was together with my friends a couple of years ago. Their service was as good as before.. very personalized and their staffs and managers will walk around and chat with you, very very friendly.

Finally, after the main course, we had the dessert - Creme Brulee and also, their fruit+flower tea.
Cost of the set dinner: $28.90 per person which I think is really value for $$.
Service: I would give them 10/10.