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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Post CNY Family Gathering

My 3rd aunt invited us to her house for family gathering.  She whipped up quite a lot of food for us.  For your information, all my 5 aunts and my mum, my grandma all can cook very well.  All my aunts also like baking and they always bake nice cakes for the family during family gathering.  Too bad, my hobby is eating and appreciating the food that I eat.  Cooking and Baking are almost a No-No for me.
Aunt made ice-cream for us too!
Home-made Oreo Ice-cream
Home-made Kueh Lapis with Prune
Tasted as good as the ones that I normally bought from Batam
Home-made Shepherd Pies

Fried Prawn Fritters

View from her balcony
Night view taken by my iPhone 4
Wii Time!!  The kids and one older kid (hubby) had a great time playing Raving Rabbit.  My dad and the uncles were so amused by them especially when they all did the same type of actions uniformly. 
Where are the aunties?  They were all playing cards at the dining area after meal. 

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