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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yum Cha on Mothers' Day @ Chinatown

Sis-in-law organized a family meal on Mothers' Day morning.  She suggested going to "Da Dong Fatty Weng Restaurant" but only when she reached there, she realized that the restaurant was closed for renovation.  Thus, while we were still looking for a carpark lot, sis-in-law and her hubby went to look for another restaurant.  They settled at "Yum Cha".  At around 9.30am, the queue wasn't that long and they managed to get a table even before we found a carpark lot.
 We only ordered dim sum as it was still early in the morning, we didn't want to go on heavy stuff.  Moreover, hubby and myself got to rush over to another Mothers' Day lunch almost immediately after this meal.  Did you spot some black dim sum here?  
Closer look.. They were Squid Ink Dumplings.  Tastewise, they didn't taste really very different from the normal siew mai.  The squid ink simply just added a splash of black to these dumplings, making them looked more unique.

 Mother-in-law enjoyed all these chicken's claws by herself.

 I quite liked this one - Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice.  The rice was fragrant and soft, and blended well with the meat within.  Do give this a try if you have a chance to dine here.
As the restaurant was very crowded, it was quite difficult to get the push-trolleys' aunties attention.  Some of them were being "hijacked" at certain tables and I didn't manage to get my order of the sesame mango fritters.  Argh...  
Overall, the dim sum were quite ok, but probably due to the crowd, service was rather slow  However, I won't blame them as I could see that they were trying their best to serve us our orders.  At least, they refilled our tea frequently.  After we left the restaurant around 11am, there was a horrendous long queue at the entrance.  We counted ourselves lucky that we didn't need to queue by arriving early in the morning.

Do you like to dine out on Mothers' Day?  For me, if I have a choice, I would gladly choose any other normal day to give my mum a treat.

Yum Cha
20 Trengganu Street, #02-01, Chinatown,
Singapore 058479
Phone: 6372 1717

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