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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nomin Steamboat

Today is a rainy day. After half-day of work, my husband brought me to this restaurant for lunch. We ordered the seafood steamboat. Other than the normal seafood - Crabs, Prawns, Fish, Squids, Scallops, I am surprised to find frog legs here too!! I love the scallops and the crabs, very fresh and sweet. The soup, from what I gathered from the menu, contains different types of Chinese wines, Martell and some herbs. The soup base was really thick and also very sweet to taste. Another special point worth mentioning is that they use claypot for the steamboat, different from the normal metal ones that we often see.

The seafood steamboat cost $32 and if you want to add another plate of seafood, got to add another $20. Both of us were very very full after we finished up all the food. Thus, if you are not a very big eater, there is no need for you to order other side dishes if there are only 2 person having the steamboat. My husband told me that the previous time when he came with his friend who recommended him to this place, apart from the steamboat, they ordered another 3 side dishes!! Of course, they couldn't finish up the food. What a waste :(

Nomin Seafood Restaurant

No 31/ 33 Teck Chye Terrace,
Singapore 758382
Tel: 62863291