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Sunday, February 6, 2011


On the third day of Chinese New Year, we did not do any visiting and it was like any other Saturday for us. We decided to head down to Orchard, with a very clear objective in our mind... which was... to get the Nespresso Machine!  First, we went to Tangs to check out the machines and the price.  The sales promoter was an auntie, who didn't really give us a lot of helpful information about the various machines.  We saw another brand "Martello" which cost only half as much as "Nespresso".  We almost bought this "Martello" a few weeks back when we saw it at Courts.  We didn't buy from Tangs and we went to the main store at Ion Orchard, to check whether there was more discount.  However, the sales promoters didn't really take the initiative to entertain us.  We checked out the prices on our own and left for the Nespresso counter at Takashimaya.
Rabbit Origami Sculpture at Ion Orchard
Nespresso, Takashimaya
The sales promoters here at Taka were much more helpful.  We got to sample a cup of "Ristretto" here.  Description for "Ristretto" - Powerful and Contrasting.  Intensity:  10
I took a few sips of "Ristretto" and it was really very bitter.  I think if I were to finish the whole cup, I would not be able to sleep at night.
We decided to get this.  :)
Price:  $628 after $50 discount
I really fancied this box with all the colourful capsules inside.  It cost around $125.  I decided not to buy this as on average, a capsule cost only 90 cents and this box with only 36 capsules cost so much higher.
However, I saw that they were selling this item known as the "Discovery Box" which cost $240 for 250 capsules inside.  On top of that, the nice box above will also come together in this package.  Thus, we decided to get the "Discovery Box" which was quite worth the money.
Back at home with our new toy :)

Made in Switzerland
This is the "Discovery Box"
With 25 sleeves inside.  Each sleeve contains 10 capsules.
The nice box to put in 36 capsules.


365days2play said...

Are you planning to get one? They look chic and effortless, but what do you do once you get sick of the type of coffee that they use?

Miso said...

We already bought one yesterday. It is more for my hubby as I rarely drink coffee. As at now, there are 16 different types of capsules with different intensity, so don't think he will get sick of them so fast.

bookjunkie said...

I wonder how this compares to Starbucks coffee which I love. What is your hubby's verdict? I have been wanting to try Nespresso for the longest time.

Miso said...

He likes it of course! Esp. those with higher intensity. Maybe you can go Taka to sample a few cups before deciding whether to buy or not.