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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedok Zi Char - As recommended by "Sizzling Woks" 煮炒来咯!

My parents brought us and grandpa to this Bedok Zi Char stall to have our dinner.  They got to know about this Zi Char stall from 煮炒来咯! hosted by Pornsak and Li Teng.  The food was quite ok but as we were having our dinner on that night, the lights tripped 4 times!  Haha... As it was one day before Valentine's Day, some of the customers joked whether the stall owner was trying to create some ambience for the diners.  As such, all my photos were taken with flash.

This is one of their specialties - Volcano Tofu
It must have drawn inspiration from the Yam Ring that we normally can find at normal Zi Char place.
To see how this dish is prepared, you can view this youtube Video clip
Mixed with the tofu, are some bits of sausages, carrots etc
Crab Beehoon
Pork Ribs
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Blk123, Bedok North Street 2,
Tel:9847 4988
Operating Hrs:  5pm-12am

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