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Friday, February 4, 2011

春到河畔 River Hongbao 2011 @ The Float, Marina Bay

Other than visiting relatives and friends during Chinese New Year, how do you spend the long weekend during this festive season?  For me, I went to River Hongbao at the floating platform, Marina Bay with hubby on the first day of Chinese New Year.  The main reason for me to choose to go River Hongbao this year is not to see the God of Wealth or to watch the cultural performances.  What do you think is the main reason that lured me to River Hongbao this year? 
The Rabbit and the Singapore Flyer
The usual traditional red lanterns hanging high up along the entrance walkway
The main objective of my trip here....

To get the limited edition of the museum series of bunny Gold Angbaos!!
I went to National Museum of Singapore to ask for the red packet but they already run out of stock!! 
Thus, knowing that I could buy the whole series of the bunny's gold packets here at a box of $18, I told hubby that we must get them at River Hongbao! 
For more information on the designs and how to go about collecting these adorable museums' bunny red packets, you can refer to this webiste:

  Extract from the website:  Have a Hopping Good Time with the Museum Roundtable!
15 January – 13 February 2011
It’s rabbits galore at museums all across Singapore as the Museum Roundtable ushers in a prosperous Lunar New Year!

The Museum Roundtable is an initiative led by the National Heritage Board comprising a collective of public and private museums and heritage galleries. With over 50 members currently, the Museum Roundtable strives to develop a strong museum-going culture in Singapore while positioning our museums and galleries as unique and fascinating heritage destinations.

With our Lunar New Year promotion, visitors can collect complimentary red packets* (while stocks last) at 39 participating museums and heritage galleries while enjoying enriching and fun-filled journeys!

A picture of me and the bunny red packets which you can collect free from the various museums and galleries.

By the way, this was my first time wearing a Toga dress.  I bought the dress last December from an online blogshop "KRISTINEYUN" and decided to wear it on the first day of Chinese New Year.  These 2 months I had been very busy with work that I didn't have time to go out shopping and thus, I got to rely on online shopping!!  I had bought many dresses from this particular blogshop and I was very satisfied with her dresses and also her prompt service.  The material was good and the price was very reasonable.  The length was long enough for me as I don't really like to wear short dresses.  For this toga dress, I love the ruches which had made the design more unique and also gave it an "expensive look".  This dress comes in 4 colours and I chose coral peach which is suitable to wear during this Chinese New Year season.  I will continue to check out her collection of dresses.  :)
Every year, without fail, the God of Wealth is always standing high up at the floating platform at River Hongbao

There is a Nanjing Food fair here too.  However, the snacks are not really cheap.

We bought a bowl of "担担面 Dan Dan Mian" to share.  The small bowl of noodles cost $4 but the texture and taste was really good.  It was rather spicy but I like it.
Very tasty noodles even without much ingredients and any trace of meat.  However, the serving was really small for $4.

 Not only red lanterns, but yellow, pink, green and blue ones as well!
Zodiac Gold Coin

Me and my proud collection of the museums' bunny gold packets.

This year, there is also something for the adventurous ones.  An amusement pack with many thrilling rides that I would never ever want to try them out.  I prefer to be an audience and entertained by the people's screams and horrified expressions on their face. 


Eileen. 静 said...

Happy new year!

the rabbit ang baos are so cute! how many of them in the packet? but the thought of going there to squeeze with everyone is a turn off leh :P

Miso said...

Hi Eileen! A Very Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

Yup!! I fell in love with the various bunny ang bao designs immediately. There are 48 gold packets in a box. The place is big enough for you to roam around freely without squeezing with the pple.

Now, I am hesitating to go to Sentosa after watching today's news abt how crowded the place was.

Eileen. 静 said...

Thanks~ I prob.go during a week day :D

yeah..want to go sentosa too...prob.go next weekend.. * also the last 2 days of the flower thing.. by then the flowers may have all withered :x

bookjunkie said...

I went before the light up but now I am tempted to go again. The lit up structures in your photos are tempting me. You look lovely in that toga dress by the way...Happy New Year :)

Miso said...

Hi bookjunkie,

Thanks. A very Happy New Year to you too! I had read all your CNY blog posts and enjoyed the virtual tour that you had brought us along in yr blog. :D