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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Fruit Hut - Online Fruits Delivery

Most of you definitely have seen those very premium Japanese melons that are sold in Isetan or Meidi-ya and they cost probably more than $100.  I chanced upon this fruits delivery website "The Fruit Hut" as recommended by "Best In Singapore - 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore".  They have a wide variety of fruits, including a number of premium fruits as well.  We saw this nice looking melon on the website and decided to order it for the family to try.  The pricing is also more affordable than those sold in the Japanese supermarket and it looks presentable too!

This melon which is Japan-Breed, by "Melts by Superfish Growers" is locally grown in the heart of Brunei Darussalam.  Happy that the melon didn't fail us.  It was very sweet and it deserved a praise from everyone in the family.  Best of all, it doesn't cost more than $50.  I got it during their special deal at $29.

For less than $50, not only I got this premium melon, I got a XXXL avocado, a few mangoes and a bunch of bananas too!  My fruits delivery arrived in a nice packaging instead of everything packed inside a closed carton.

I ordered 3 pieces of Thai Golden Honey Mango and had them sliced.  I was lamenting to my hubby that we didn't have sticky rice to go with the mango.  The flesh was sweet and firm with a buttery smooth texture.

For the avocado and banana, you can choose your preferred ripeness of the fruits.  For instance, I had chosen "Somewhat Ripe (yellow with hints of green)" for the "Philippines Creamy Dole Banana" as I was not going to consume them immediately.  I made banana milkshake and it was really yummy!  I also made avocado chocolate milkshake with my Australia XXXL Avocado as well!  In term of ripeness, I had chosen this option - "Ripens in 4-5 days (somewhat firm, mostly green) as I intended to consume the avocado last.

With the convenience of this fruit delivery channel, why not give this a try and improve your health with good source of vitamins?  The website is very user-friendly and with 8 storage units and order packing stations strategically located across the island, your orders will be allocated to the nearest station to ensure seamless delivery within 2 hours. 

The above photo was taken 2 days after the fruits had been delivered and all were consumed by the third day.

Interestingly, "The Fruit Hut" is the only fruits store in Singapore to have a cold room, a large refrigeration chamber that stores our fruits between 3-7 degrees, keeping them at maximum freshness. You may also visit their store to personally select your fruits today! 

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