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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Kyushu Fair @ Tampines Mall (3 - 14 April 2015)

This year, I am glad that I didn't miss the Kyushu fair at Tampines Mall.  After making a visit to an elderly home at Tampines area, I took a bus to Tampines Interchange.  Before taking the MRT back home, I decided to drop by Tampines Mall to check out the food at Kyushu fair.  Fortunately, at 5pm, it was not too crowded yet and in less than 10 minutes, I bought 3 packets of food.
 I love croquettes and since there was a promotion "Buy 5 and get 1 free", I grabbed 5 different types of croquettes - Pumpkin, Veggie, Potato, Sweet Corn and Crab Cream and also an Ebi Tempura.  All for $10.  I remember a few years ago, one such croquette cost at least $2.50 and those with additional ingredients like sweet corn, crab cream ones cost $3.50 during similar Japanese fair.
 These were to be shared with my hubby so I painstakingly cut each croquette neatly into half.  :)
 Decided to try out the unagi rice too.
 Delicious!  Probably will make another trip to the fair before it ends on Tuesday.

Spring Kyushu Fair
Tampines Mall

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Qing Ming Festival - Tomb-Sweeping at Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

All these years, I had not ever followed my parents to Lim Chu Kang Cemetery to pray to my late paternal great grandmother and grandmother who had passed away when I was in primary school and Secondary One.  However, conscience might have pricked on me when I decided to follow them to the cemetery for the very first time for Qing Ming this year.  My parents decided to go on a Saturday morning instead of the actual day on Sunday.  There were lesser crowd and the weather was good although it got a bit hotter during the later part of the morning.  Also, considering the fact that on the actual Qing Ming festival,it will rain without fail, it is better to avoid going to the cemetery on the actual day.  Something that I am not too sure whether it is pure coincidence or ...   
Upon reaching my late paternal grandmother's tomb, a guy approached us and we need to pay him $50 for helping to maintain the state of the tomb for the past one year.  A receipt was issued to us.
Younger brother was more familiar than me on what to do.  He inserted the joss sticks on the coloured paper on the tombstone.
My late grandmother's tombstone.
Dad poured clean water over the tomb and started to wipe it clean before we placed all the offerings on it.
We also need to pay our respect to the Earth God.

Offerings to be burnt to the deceased.  I don't think my ancestors would know how to use iPhone!  

All burnt to ashes within seconds...

We also threw strips of paper high up into the sky and shouted "Huat Ah"!  I didn't follow though... 

Next, we proceeded to my late great-grandmother's tombstone.

We followed the same ritual... 

After that, hubby also drove to Bukit Brown Cemetery to show us how it was like.  We would like to join guided tour that will help us understand the history of Bukit Brown or Lim Chu Kang Cemetery better.  Anyone been to such guided tour?  Where can I sign up?