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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wing Zone @ Bugis+ [GIVEAWAY! - 2 x $20 Wing Zone Voucher]

[GIVEAWAY]  I have 2 x $20 Wing Zone vouchers to give away!  If you are interested, please leave a comment "I want to try Wing Zone" and also, state your email.  That's so simple!  Giveaway will end on 30 Jul (Sat).  Do leave me a comment now!  =)

I was invited for a food tasting session at Wing Zone, Bugis+, a casual dining restaurant.  Flavour Zone is the heart and soul of the company.  The food is made to order and 100% cooked fresh.  Batter-free and No MSG is used too!  This distinguishes Wing Zone from many other fast food company.  Great news for our muslim friends, Wing Zone is also Halal-certified.  From the original 12 flavours, now you can get to choose from 15 flavours ranging from sweet to spicy and there are different levels of spiciness for each of the flavour too.  Names for some of the flavours are quite fanciful and might attract you to try them out.  For instance, Nuclear Habanero, Mango Fire, Blackened Voodoo.

For the "Sweet with No Heat", we tried the "Honey Q", "Cinnamon Maple" and "Sweet Samurai".  Honey Q definitely is a safe choice for those who has low tolerance of spiciness as it is like BBQ sauce with honey, purely sweet.  This is one of the most popular flavour and also the chef's recommended flavour.  Cinnamon Maple, on the other hand, might not suit the tastebuds for some of us.  I still prefer cinnamon in cinnamon rolls.  Of course, not everyone will like ALL the flavours.  You really have to try on your own and decide on your favourites.  Be adventurous!

For the "Sweet and Spicy", we tried all the 4 flavours - "Thai Chili", "Tokyo Dragon", "Smokin'Q" and "Mango Fire".  Our vote goes to "Mango Fire"!  The flavour was tangy with a bit of spiciness.

We loved the Mango Fire flavour so much that we asked for the drumlets with mango fire as well!
 The burgers can be customised with your favourite sauce too!
 There are two types of "Savory Flavours" - "Garlic Parm" and "Lemon Zinger".
I quite like the "Garlic Parm" flavour.  It has parmesan, garlic and a bit of peppery taste.

Tradition Buffalo Flavours

"Buffalo Bliss" - Traditional vinegar based flavour and of course, we  had to save the hottest flavour - "Nuclear Habanero" for the last so our tastebud wouldn't be numbed by it.  Nice!  I could still take the highest level of spiciness. 

    For the sides, I would recommend the flavour rub wedges.  We had them in Blackened Voodoo rub.
Carrots and Celery with Ranch dip and Bleu Cheese dip.

Onion Rings

Mozarella Stix
 The cheese was hard during tasting session so we felt that this needs improvement.
 They served only one dessert - Brownie Bites.  Highly recommended as well!  These are fried brownies!  Bite size, served hot with crisp outer layer.  We suggested to them maybe they could add a scoop of ice-cream served together with the brownies to make it even better.
 Too many flavours and not sure which one to choose?  This is the problem of giving customers too many choices!  You can spin the wheel at the counter and let it decide for you!  Pretty interesting!  

So... What's Your Flavour?  Do come and try them out yourself!

Wing Zone
201 Victoria Street
#04-02 Bugis+
Singapore 188067