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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Fruitful Shopping Trip at Woodland Terrace

Hubby suggested bringing me to Woodland wholesale to do some Chinese New Year shopping.  It was my first time here and I was all ready and excited for the trip.  We went to the industrial building at 15 Woodland Loops (Wholesale) first to take a look before driving over to Woodland Terrace. 
 It was very crowded on a weekend late morning and we parked at the opposite street over here.

 We bought this tray of fresh salmon sashimi at only $18 and altogether there were 5 stacks of sashimi in this tray!  The wasabi cost 60 cents.  The 2 of us brought this back for lunch.
Boon Tong Kee
 We bought 3 mini jars of XO sauce from here.
Chuen Cheong Food Industries
Interesting tiger-striped table cloth placed on the table.
Japanese Ramen, Scallops etc
Pork Belly
 Free sample
 Fragrance - not just bak kwa here.
 Bought a full bag of various tidbits from "Fragrance".
 This was our last stop.  I was glad that we didn't miss out on this shop.  Why?  Because there were lots of food sampling here!  From ice-cream to cakes and brownies, and samples were given out in generous portion!  :) :)
 Ice-cream for sampling...  I tried the lychee sorbet, very refreshing.

 I bought a box of quiche (in a box of 4), yet to try.
 Smoked Duck Pies, with auspicious words decorated on top.

 Our car boot full of loot.  Good to bring along a chiller box to put in all those frozen items.  I also suggest that you bring along a shopping trolley.

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Bern said...

WOW, that's a huge haul!