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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kims Family @ Lorong Kilat

I suggested to hubby to go Lorong Kilat for dinner as I had read up many food blogs mentioning about this place. We chose this Korean family restaurant. At about 5.50pm, there were still empty tables. About 15 minutes past 6pm, the crowds started to flood in and thus, reservation is recommended.
Their walls were all nicely scribbled by the customers who had visted the restaurant.  However, they didn't give us a marker, if not, I could also put up my masterpiece here =P
How many side dishes did they serve us?
Including 1 whole small fish!
Hubby asked me whether we should keep the ones that we wanted and returned them those that we didn't want.  Haha... I replied him that each side dish cost $1, must finish them all up.  Of course, I was just joking along with him.  I also didn't know whether we need to pay for the side dishes.. but definitely it is not nice to ask them to take back the side dishes.  We looked around at the other tables, they all had so many side dishes on their table.
I wonder if I were to dine there alone, I just order an ala-carte dish, will they also serve me 13 side dishes for me?  =P
Ginseng Chicken Soup ($17)
The soup was not salty as they didn't add in any salt.  Thus, it was pure ginseng taste and I thought it was nice, very authentic (If you don't mind the bitterness).  I needed this as for the past few days, I felt tired easily so I guess this was a good nourishment.  Inside the chicken, they stuffed in glutinous rice as well but I didn't quite like that.  I just took the soup and the chicken meat.
Kimchi Pancake ($10)
This kimchi pancake was very tasty, could feel the krunchy kimchi.  However, it came in very late, about half and hour later when all our side dishes and chicken soup were served.  Initially, we thought that they had forgotten our order.  When it was served on our table, we were already so full and we didn't even manage to finish up the chicken :(  In the end, we could only finish up half the pancake... So wasteful right?  Thus, next time, must come with a bigger group to minimize food wastage. 
After we finished our food, they also served us a small cup of ginger tea each and 2 slices of watermelon.  :)
Hubby went to the counter to pay for the bill and I asked him how much the side dishes cost.
ALL FREE! and also NO SERVICE CHARGE for such wonderful service.
After meal, we took a walk to Beauty World Shopping Centre. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge

Our first "Tai-Tai" Meet-up of the year!!! This place was suggested by Ruijun as she is the birthday girl of the month.  Rated "Gold Plate Award" by "Women's Weekly" as "All-Time Favourite:  Best For Girls Get Together", the tea lounge is indeed popular amongst "Tai-Tai" get together for an afternoon of scones and cakes.  We reached the place around 11.30am and it was pretty crowded with most of the tables occupied.  4 of us ordered the 3-course set meal.  Only Shili ordered ala-carte which seems to be a wrong choice.   
Birthday girl - Ruijun (Centre) with Shili and Joyce
Lijuan and Me :)
Shili's ala-carte main course.  Egg wrapped in smoked salmon.  Not too sure how many eggs were used to whipped up this dish?  Told her that she better not take any more egg this week.  Anyway, she didn't manage to finish up the eggs.  =P
Ruijun and Lijuan ordered this:
Joyce and I ordered this smoked salmon pasta:
We topped up $2 from our set meal so that we could try these delicious cakes from the counter.  If not, our dessert from our set meal will be just normal fruit cake.  One good thing about dining with 4 or 5 good friends is that we can all order different items from the menu and we can try a bit here and there =P  The Cheese Cake proved to be the winner as it was finished up first, followed by the Plum and Prune Cake (lower left).  Surprising, the Matcha Cake which I ordered disappointed us.  The green tea favour was not strong enough and it was too moist at the centre.  We didn't manage to finish this one.
Traditional Scones with butter, jam and cream
The rest like the scones but I prefered the cakes, so I only took one small piece.
This meal cost $162 for 5 of us.  Although it is rather on the steep side, but most importantly, we enjoyed the companies of one another :)  Looking forward to next month's gathering!

Takashimaya Department Store
391 Orchard Road, Level 2
Singapore 238873

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ootoya @ Orchard Central

This was our second visit to Orchard Central but our first time having our meal here. We left home rather early, ard 5 to avoid the long queue at any restaurant in Orchard area. I made the decision on where to eat today. Seen many good raving reviews on Ootoya and finally, today we had a chance to dine here. I decided to order the popular Atka Mackeral Fish Set $17.

Hubby ordered the Katsu Set $16.  Other than the brown sauce, it also came with wasabi dip.

After a very satisfying set meal, I was craving for the dessert and thus, our last order.

The matcha cake was really bitter but I still love it!

After meal, we shopped around Orchard Central and also, to next door 313 Shopping Mall which we had yet to explore since its opening.  Personally, I prefer Orchard Central as I find some of the shops quite interesting and also, I rather like the confusing architecture of the building and the super escalator.  313?  Just like a normal shopping mall to me.

Saw the following at Orchard Central.
This extremely tall shopper was too tall for me to capture her in one shot so we have 2 photos here........

and her heels are as tall as me!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

MacDonald's Doraemon Lucky Charms

Update @ 5 Feb 2010:  Just collected a set of Hong Kong Version of Zodiac Doraemon (Not related to MacDonalds) from a supplier.  Each set $65.  Here are the photos:
Before opening the pack....
Now I have a problem.  Not too sure where to display them nicely in the house.  Put them on top of the sofa first for a breather... Haha...
This year, Chinese New Year falls on the same day as Valentine's Day - 14 Feb 2010. Like previous years, MacDonald launched its "Prosperity Burger" and also a set of CNY collectibles.  Personally, I don't really fancy this burger but I still made a trip to White Sands MacDonalds as..........
these Doraemons were the reason why I was here at the MacDonalds!!!

This is only the first set and there are 3 more sets to go, a total of 12 Doraemon Lucky Charms - following the animals from Chinese Zodiac. However, the Pig is taken out and replaced by "Cupid" doraemon. They are priced at $2 each with any purchase. Think very likely I will get the full set :)
Here is the Doraemon of the Year - Tiger with heart-shaped eyes...
By the way, remember the Hello Kitty Craze?  I still have the full set of Hello Kitty at home and I used them for my wedding photoshoots.  I remember how the prices of these limited edition Hello Kitty were being jacked up and many aunties were paid to queue for those Kitty.  Although, these Doraemon collectibles did not really invite a long queue outside MacDonalds but I was quite surprised that there are people at ebay selling each of them for $20!  Crazy!

Also, these few days, many forums are discussing about why MacDonalds decide to replace the Pig Doraemon to Cupid Doraemon.  Can read abt it here:  MacDonalds pull out Pig.  What is your take?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Roti John King @ Simpang Bedok

The night before the start of work in the new year, hubby brought me to Bedok Market Place (commonly called Simpang Bedok) for dinner. Here, there is a whole stretch of Muslim stalls selling Western food, Prata, Roti John and many other yummylicious food. We normally patronize "The Spize Supper Club" and this time, we decided to order western fare from the other stall "Roti John King". However, we didn't order Roti John. The staff recommended us 2 dishes - Fish and Chip and also, their steak. Ok, we took these 2 dishes.  I loved my fish and chip!  The serving was generous and I almost couldn't finish the whole plate. 

While having our dinner, we watched "Spiderman 3" on their plasma TV which was showing on Channel 5 then. This place is definitely a good place for dinner or late night supper.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant


This was our first family dinner for the new year.  Today, we had our dinner at Jin Long Seafood Restaurant again (one of our family's favourite haunt for food, esp the old folks) not really to celebrate the new year, but simply a family dinner as my brother will be leaving Singapore on Monday to Kazakhstan
for his school exchange programme.  He will be enjoying himself in this country till mid-May.  Have you heard of this country? Think it is a country not known to many of us, including myself.  Mom and Dad will miss him badly... and terribly.....

Jin Long had shifted from the coffeeshop to its own restaurant.  Today, it was super crowded and as usual, reservation is definitely necessary or else, you will really have to wait very long.  They have an open-concept kitchen and we counted, they have about 15 chefs working in the kitchen!  The standard of food hasn't dropped despite the crowd although the price may have increased a bit due to tax and service charges.

Salted Egg Yolk Cripsy Prawn
Mushrooms and Dried Oysters in Scallop Sauce
Coffee pork ribs
Sea Cucumber Duck
Fried Fish
Double Combination Platter
Haha.... This is my brother.

Jin Long Seafood Restaurant
Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2 (Updated)
#01-114, S460412
Tel:  64429398