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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day Celebration at Jing Long 金隆 @ Bedok North

Once again, like previous years, we had our mothers' day lunch with my family (maternal) at Jin Long Seafood Restaurant at Bedok North again.  However, again due to Mothers' Day crowd, we waited near 45 minutes before our first dish was being served.  

Presentation of the first dish was good and I was looking forward to other dishes with much anticipation.  Ok, the first dish passed., the crepe was tasty.  :)
Next being served:  Shark Fins.  Not bad too.
 Deep-Fried fish
 However, we were rather disappointed with the food from this dish onwards.  
The cornflakes on the Coffee Pork Ribs, to us, didn't serve any purpose.
 Another ordinary veggie dish.
 The family complaint that the same type of veggies were being served for the next dish, though this time there were dried oysters and mushrooms.
 We were all shocked when the last dish served was actually braised pork with rice when most of us were already quite full.  The way the dish was served looked very unappetizing as well.  Thus, I think again, this dish should be tweaked eg. served without the rice and improve on the presentation, if it were to be part of the set menu.
The desserts was fruit jelly served to each of us in individual small plastic containers.  I didn't bother to take photo of this one.

Overall, compared to last year, we had quite a number of complains with regards to the dishes served in the Mothers' Day Set Menu this year.  We feedback to the manager, and not sure whether because of this, she gave my grandmother 2 bottles of bird nest.  The cost was around $388 per table, which was steeper than last year.  Hope they will continue to make improvement to their menu.   

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant 金隆
Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2,
Singapore 460412

For reservation, call: 6442 9398

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