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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pancakes (Western vs Japanese)

Hubby on duty today but I still woke up early so that I could have a proper breakfast to start the day :) I had my breakfast at "Superdog" in White Sands Shopping Centre. Decided to try something different and I ordered their Banana Walnut Pancake set.  Yup, "Superdog" offers pancakes too, not just sausages and bacon.  This was definitely a very right choice!  I was quite surprised that their pancakes are so good (thick and fluffy, with some crushed nuts).  The breakfast set consists of 2 pancakes with a choice of flavoured tea.  All for only $4 which I think is more value-for-money than MacDonalds.  This is definitely a good alternative to MacDonald pancakes breakfast set which really pales in comparison.
 Tampines Central is now booming with more and more popular fastfood joints.  From Popeyes to Wendy's.  I wanted to try out "Wendy's" but as it is newly opened, the queue was very long and I changed my mind.  I went to Tampines 1 Manpuku for lunch.  Pancakes again, but in Japanese style.
Botejyu stall
Pork Okos at $7
Very nice pattern created with mayonaise.  The pork slices were so thin that you could hardly see or taste them.  The cabbages were crunchy though.
Do you like pancakes?  Which types of pancakes do you prefer and any other recommendation for good pancakes?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Winter Melon Pastries "Wife Biscuits" from Kee Wah Bakery (HK)

Hubby bought some yummilicious Wife's Biscuit back from Hong Kong! These "wife biscuits" were all freshly baked and there are eight pieces (all individually wrapped) in a box.  The fragrance of the sesame seeds was quite strong and the texture of the pastry was really soft.  This is one of the better tasting "wife biscuits" that we have ever tried so far.  Thumbs up!  Do grab some when you are in Hong Kong!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Horror @ Night Safari

While exploring the new business concept of collective purchasing at website, I chanced upon their "hottest" deal which is the Halloween Horror ticket at Night Safari. I was pretty excited. Firstly, I had not really participated in any Halloween event before. Secondly, this "BigDeal" seemed to offer quite a real good deal! Without any discount, a single ticket to Halloween Horror cost $45. If I buy from, I pay $38.80 but they will rebate a $20 BigDeal Credit to purchase other products from the website. Therefore, I will only pay like $18.80 for a ticket. Sounds good?

I went ahead to buy two tickets without telling my hubby who was holidaying in Guangzhou.  Haha... He got no choice, but to go with me.  We reached the place very early, around 5.45pm and we realized that the event will start only at 7pm. 

There were the "ghosts" to keep us entertained at the entrance.  They went around to scare people.  We took some photos with them too.
Francis and the "Kacang Puteh" man
We walked over to the Night Safari.  On the way, we saw something suspicious.  True enough, this guy would suddenly spring out and scare people.

Halloween Pumpkins!!  I was actually caught surprised by the big pumpkin that you see at the background.  I thought it was just a static prop but it could actually stand up!
Me and the Japaness ghost.
I love this shot!  This avatar-like creature startled quite a number of people as he was quite small sized and many didn't realize he was so near to them!
Memories of the Departed
The staff of Night Safari was very kind to offer their assistance to take photos of us using our own camera.
"Halloween Horrors" Entrance.  We entered before 7pm, around 6.45pm.
We started off with the "Train of Terror".
While waiting for the tram to depart, the ghostly characters went around scaring people again =) 
Corpse Bride - She was our guide/ narrator on the train.  No flash photography was allowed on the tram but there would still be some people using flash at the animals.  She would pretend to be angry and told the
people off in a funny tone
Me and the corpse bride
Next, we went for the "Spooky Trail".  This one not really very scary lah... Some of the characters were just there for you to take photos.
"The Twin Sisters"
"The Bride"
Passed  by Ulu Ulu Restaurant and they were selling these "fingers" for snacks.  I wonder who would want to try them.  Haha...
After that, we walked back to the Singapore Zoo to visit the Haunted Village.  This is an addition to the past year Halloween activity.  By then, it was 8.45pm.  Do you believe we actually had to queue two freaking hours to get into the Gui Mansion?  We finally entered the ghost house at around 11pm!!  The group queueing in front of us was even more upset as this was their first stop and they had not board the tram and see the animals at night safari yet.
The Gui Mansion
No flash photography allowed inside and thus, I kept my camera.  Francis and I were the first to lead the group.  The ghosts inside didn't manage to scare us.  I screamed once as something a hairy ball dropped on me.  Haha.... 
We ended the night with a photo with the "barber"
For those who are hungry, they have a stall selling some "good food and drinks"
For those who have not visited the Halloween Horror at night safari, you will still have a chance next weekend.  However, the ticket will be priced at $50!
Also, some tips for you: 
1.  Try to reach there before 7pm and visit the Haunted Village at the Singapore Zoo first so that you will not end up like us queueing for 2 hours.  
2.  Bring along your poncho/ umbrella.  The weather is quite unpredictable these days.  If not, you will have to purchase the poncho from the Night Safari staff at $5 if it starts drizzling.

Have fun!
Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch at Basil Inn/ City Hall & Former Supreme Court Open House

17 Oct (Sunday): The two iconic buildings which were symbolic of Singapore’s nationhood – City Hall and former Supreme Court – will be transformed into the new National Art Gallery. Before they will be transformed, there was an open house of these two buildings over the last two weekends.

Before heading to the open house, my parents and brother came to fetch me.  I suggested going to "The Basil Inn" at Downtown East for lunch first as my family like to eat Thai food and it is nearby.  It was pretty crowded and service was super slow.  We had to take our own utensils as the staff was too busy to serve us.  We ordered five dishes.                            
Green Curry (Chicken)
This was quite spicy and I advised my mum not to take it as she got a sore throat
Fried Rice
Minced Meat Omelette
Prawn Cakes with Thai sweet sauce (Recommended!)
Reached the former Supreme Court.  As the guided tours were all fully booked, we took the brochure and explored the place on our own.
First, we went to the "Court of Appeal"

Rotunda Library
This rotunda library used to hold the law library.  When the collection outgrew the circular space, the library was moved to the City Hall building and this room was converted to a police post!

Chief Justice's Chambers
The Y-shaped table is the only one in the building.
On the bookshelves, we saw the emblems featuring arms of the Inns of Court.

Next, we moved on to "Courtroom 1"
This is one of the four original courtrooms in the former Supreme Court.

We went to the FSC balcony to take more photos before going to the City Hall building.  I think Singapore is getting more and more beautiful.  Do you agree?

City Hall Building
Special Exhibition
Award-winning photos 
It is really amazing! 

City Hall Chambers
-  Used as a meeting room by the then Municipal Commisioners to discuss Singapore's development during the colonial age and hosting of official functions.