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Monday, September 26, 2011

High-Tea Buffet @ Marriott Cafe

High-Tea buffet with Sam, Pauline, Jiaming & family

- We bought the discount voucher from

- Original price of the buffet is around $45 but we paid $31 nett, inclusive of free flow of soft drinks/ juices/ coffee/ tea.

- As Marriott Cafe is currently undergoing renovation, the buffet venue is shifted to 2nd level (outside their function rooms) during this period. During our meal, we saw a bride and her guests walking past our cafe. Guess they wanted to go to the lobby from their function room?

- Not too sure whether my expectation is too high, but was rather disappointed with the high-tea buffet spread. Maybe they should have more varieties of fanciful desserts, sandwiches, pastries and cakes for hi-tea instead focusing on local fare.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family Gathering at Aunt Irene's place

My parents, grandma and aunts just came back from a holiday trip in Bali.  As Aunt Irene was still on leave after the trip, she invited the family to go to her house for dinner.  We had fun playing Wii-Fit at her place.  The kids also played darts at the balcony.

As usual, the aunties would do some baking.  2nd aunt made some durian puffs and tiramisu cake.

 Cake in a cup. 
 Aunt Irene baked many mini shepherd pies both for adults and the young ones.
 Pizzas for the kids..
 Cousin Grace showed us the various Wii-Fit games....
Cousin Joanne... She is so tall..
 Cousin Angeline
 Mum joined in the fun too.  Actually, I also played but I am not going to post my unglam photo here :P
 Cousin Krystal shaking her butt off
 Cousin Steffi

My mum gave me a box of peanut cookies and coconut cookies bought from Bali.

Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小厨 @ Parkway Parade

Very nice wasabi nuts for appetizer
As hubby was still down with flu, we both ordered congee.  Hubby ordered "Ji Di congee" 及第粥 and I ordered liver congee.  The congee was smooth but of course, we still missed the cheap and ingredient-full 及第粥 that we had in Hong Kong.
They have the steamboat a-la-carte buffet here too.  I had tried the buffet at Tampines Mall and I think it was really good and value-for-money.  The ingredients were fresh too.
After lunch, we went to Borders hoping to get some discounted items.  However, the whole place was very crowded and a bit suffocating so we didn't get anything from there.  Quite sad that it had closed down.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Saltwater Cafe @ Changi Village Hotel

I bought 2 saltwater cafe discount vouchers from  It was a real good deal as I paid only $18 nett per person for a weekday buffet dinner.  Details of this deal can be found HERE
Entrance to the cafe
Salad Bar
Pie-Ti DIY Station

Sashimi, Scallops and Prawns.  No oyster... but it's okay :)

Colourful Nyonya Kueh
Colourful desserts in shot glasses
I started my buffet dinner with a bowl of soup.
Lotus and pork ribs soup
Some salads that I took from the salad bar for appetizers, including a DIY Pie-Ti  :)
Hubby took 2 plates of seafood.
For dinner, they also have a grill station at the poolside.
Four different types of sauce for the grilled meat
Grilled prawns and beef
Grilled lamb, taiwan sausages and squid
I took a plate of cooked items to sample. 
Hubby made some rojak to share.
Fruit platter
Beautiful desserts in shot glasses.
We ended the meal with 2 scoops of ice-cream (Strawberry - Hubby's favourite and Yam).  Tea and coffee are inclusive in the buffet too.  The two of us actually spent almost 3 hours here on a Friday night.  Nice ambience, a great choice to unwind here after a week of hectic work.

Saltwater Cafe
Changi Village Hotel
1 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508502
Tel: 6379 7018