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Monday, March 15, 2010

D'Bun 利满 - Longevity Buns presented in Modern Style

Mother-in-law 60th Birthday:  We wanted to do something different on her special day.  Instead of a birthday cake, we decided to give her a basket of longevity buns when the clock struck 12am on her birthday.  Got to know about D'Bun from ieatshootipost website and I suggested to hubby to get the longevity buns from there as I remembered they sell innovative design buns eg. shaped of rabbit/ lotus flower.  Thus, we checked out the location of the shop from the website and headed down to Joo Chiat.
Entrance of the shop
When we entered the shop, we saw many longetivity buns hampers ready for collection.  We told the staff that we wanted to order a heart-shaped basket of longevity buns.  As they had to make fresh ones for us, we were told that we got to wait for another half an hour.  Ok.. we had to wait, as it was partly our fault that we didn't call earlier to place our order.   
Saw this at the display counter.... 2-in-1 (Prune layered cake and longetivity buns)
This was what we had bought for my mother-in-law:
They even attached a card with the Chinese wordings "福如东海" and of course a very big "壽".  This would definitely make the old folks who received this very happy.  Of course, my mother-in-law is no exception.  Not only the presentation, the mini longevity buns tasted good too.  My sister-in-law liked it and she took 4 at one go. 
For those who are celebrating birthday for their old folks, you may want to consider this option.  But do call to place your order first before going to the shop.  :)


Anonymous said...

How much does the shou taos cost? :)

Miso said...


Sorry, I cannot quite remember. Probably around $40 to $50 range. Advisable you call them up for enquiry.

Thanks for dropping by. :)