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Friday, February 4, 2011

Lunar New Year Eve

After a half day of work in school, we went to my Grandpa's place to have our lunch on the eve of the Chinese New Year.  This year, my aunt bought a whole suckling pig to celebrate this festive season.
 The other dishes were prepared mainly by my mum.  Some of the dishes that she would prepare every year are:  Fried Prawns
 Pig's Intestine Soup with Sea Cucumber
 Stewed Pork

 A "Not-So-Reunion" Dinner on Lunar New Year Eve
As hubby's granny was hospitalized, we didn't really have a reunion dinner this year.  All of us took turn to visit granny at the hospital and thus, we didn't get to have our dinner together as well.

After dinner, we visited granny at the hospital before going back home to do our final Spring Cleaning!!


365days2play said...

What a feast! I wish mine were big and festive. Hope your grandma is better now.

Miso said...

Thanks. She is still recuperating in the hospital..
Last year, it was more fun with the whole family having reunion dinner and playing games together. Hiaz..