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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sentosa Flower Festival 2011

I managed to catch the Sentosa Flower Festival with hubby on its last day. It was a lazy Sunday and we couldn't wake up early enough to go to Sentosa in the morning. We had our lunch at Harbourfront around noon and after that, we walked from Vivocity to Sentosa using the new Sentosa Boardwalk. Now, we just need to pay only $1 per person for the island admission if we use the Sentosa Broadwalk.
As the weather was rather hot, we decided use the travellator which was sheltered.

The fortune rabbit at Resorts World Sentosa.  Standing at 4.5 storeys/ 14 metres high, the largest and tallest topiary rabbit is the centrepiece of Resorts World Sentosa's Lunar New Year celebration.
Merlion Plaza
Zodiac animals at Merlion Plaza

Revealing my age.... Haha...

Giant Easter Eggs at Images of Singapore

Giant Tulips
These tulips are made with fibre-glass, standing tall at 2.5m.

My Sweet Valentine
There was a long queue of people waiting to take photo here with the giant heart as the backdrop.

Matcha Tea - Cold and Bitter, but refreshing for a hot day like this!

Carrot Land

The Magical Tree
Topped by a crown of candy swirls and loop-de-loops, this is one magical lollipop tree that you wouldn't want to miss!


Eileen. 静 said...

i was there last sunday...the last day.. super sunburn :P

Miso said...

I also went for the festival on the last day. Haha... Was there from 1 to ard 3pm.

bookjunkie at singapore actually said...

I think the rooster was the prettiest and most well defined. Thanks for sharing the flower photos. Didn't get a chance to go there yet.

365days2play said...

Aha! I spotted you amongst the eggs...I didn't realise it ended so quickly, I didn't even get to think about going! Have you been to the Flower show at Suntec? How does this compare?

Miso said...

bookjunkie: Glad you like the photos :D You will have to wait for next year already... Last Sunday was the last day.

365days2play: I have not been to the Flower Show at Suntec. You may be able to find more photos of the flower festival at Sentosa or even Suntec, at ClubSnap forum.