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Friday, July 17, 2009

Zenden @ Gallery Hotel

4th aunt gave us a $70 dinning voucher from Zenden at Gallery hotel. She recommended us to use the voucher for their dinner set which she thought is good. However, as we could not make it for any of the days for dinner before the voucher expired, we went for their weekend buffet brunch. These were the only food that I took on that day:

The bill came up to $79.95 for 2. Thus, we got to top up $9.95. I find that it is quite expensive looking at the variety of food they have for buffet.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sun with Moon @ The Central

As usual, after dinner we went around to look for a nice place for desserts. First, we went to Azabu Sabo as we all like Japanese desserts. Saw a table and we went in. But the staff told us that they didn't have enough chairs for us! Duh!! Doesn't quite make sense. We finally settled at "Sun with Moon" and these were what we had ordered:

Purple Sweet Potato Pie

This was my order. Quite interesting presentation... I like the purple swirls!

Black Sesame (kurogama)Pudding

Matcha Tiramisu

Mummy Joyce ordered the above as she needed to feed 2 :P

Matcha Parfait

Lijuan ordered the match parfait... Realized that she always ordered parfait when we were out for Jap desserts.

Nobody ordered the Tofu Cheesecake in birdcage. Haha..

Ma Maison (The Central)

We were here at Ma Maison @ The Central to celebrate Shili's Birthday in advance. We had escargots for starters.

Lijuan's Tonkatsu Set was the first to arrive:

I ordered one of their chef's recommendation: Donteni Hamburger

Ruijun ordered Beef Stroganoff with Omu Rice. The presentation looked good and she said it was really tasty.

Our birthday gal Shili ordered Hamburger with Avocado

Mommy Joyce ordered Spaghetti... Hmm..looked like some kid's meal though. She didn't manage to finish the dish.

The food here is quite decent for the price and I think I would visit this restaurant again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pasta de Waraku (The Heeren)

After Hubby's band performance at Paragon, we went to Pasta de Waraku at The Heeren for dinner. Think it had been quite some time we had been here... Anyway, these were what we ordered.

                                                             Scallops and Chicken Baked Rice

Oysters and Bacon Carabona Spaghetti

Beer, Matcha Ice-cream Soda

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pelican Pizza Delivery

Pelican Pizza has only 2 outlets - Tampines and Yio Chu Kang. They specialize in home delivery and take away (No dine-in facilities).  As I stay in the east side, I will call up their Tampines branch for delivery.
Pelican Special

Seafood Classic Pizza

Pelican Pizza
Blk 433 #01-73
Tampines Street 43
Singapore 520433
Tel : 62608488