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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chef Daniel's Kitchen, Koi, Japan Boat Takoyaki, Paper City Exhibition @ Illuma

Before coming to Chef Daniel's Kitchen, I had already known about its existence in Illuma through many popular food blogs. This time, it was mum who said that she was going to bring us there to try Chef Daniel's food. She had been there once with her friends to try the food (or to see Chef Daniel?) Haha... Chef Daniel is such a familar face who always appear in local Chinese food programmes on TV, many of his supporters (including mum, I guess... ) are happy that he has his own restaurant.

Hubby and I reached there quite early.  He went to Sim Lim Square to get some stuff while I did a bit of window shopping at Illuma first.  It was around 11am and I went to Koi to try out my luck (hopefully no long queue).  So many people were raving about Koi but I had yet to try it out.  Oh yes!  Almost no queue!  I placed my order for hazelnut milk tea and I was given the ticket number 61, with only 4 person before me :)   
The pearls were smaller and very chewy, but after sometimes, I found it a bit tiring to chew the pearls and there were harder than the norm.  The hazelnut milk was nice though, but as I ordered 100% sugar, it ended up a bit too sweet.
Reached the restaurant with my grandma, parents and hubby.  Only a few tables were occupied as we were there before noon.  We checked out the Set Lunch Menu.  Every set comes with a soup of the day, a main course, dessert of the day, 1 drink and free flow of bread!!!  Cost?  Only $10.50 NETT!!  This was so value-for-money!
This is the range of main course that they offered.
Soup of the day - Minestrone Soup
Foccacia Bread, I dipped it with olive oil provided on the table
My Grandma likes to eat fried stuff and she ordered Fish and Chips.
Hubby ordered lamb stewed navarin.  Doesn't look very appetizing and I didn't try it.
Mum ordered Grilled Chicken
I ordered Grilled Sirloin Steak.  It was done just right!  :)
Medium Done
Dad ordered Unagi Don. 
Dessert of the Day - Mango mousse
Overall, the food was really very value for money.  However, during peak hours, the restaurant was fully packed and there was a queue outside the restaurant.  Service was slow during peak and I thought the restuarnat was really understaff.  The staff got to multitask - bringing out the dishes from the kitchen, serving the bread, clear the tables, attend to the queues at the door and attend to the bills.  Sometimes, you could see a table full of dirty dishes not cleared for quite sometime because all the staff was so busy.  My mum said they should engage some aunties to help them clear the tables like those foodcourt. 
Chef Daniel was very busy working in the kitchen.  Mum wouldn't want to miss out the chance to take a photo at his kitchen, with Chef Daniel :P
So was my Grandma...
Located at 7th storey of Illuma at the Skygarden
After a lunch, we continued to walk around the mall.
The arcade... My favourite cartoon charactor - Doraemon!!!
Pikachu - Long time no see :P
Despicable Me again... Look like Francis trying to strangle Agnes!
There was a Paper City exhibition at the mall during the time we were there
Can you see a "man" in the photo below?
Look at the long queue at Koi now.  I think it was a bit crazy, I wouldn't queue so long for this. 
We bought the Japan Boat Takoyaki back.  3 boxes!  Yum Yum!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant

Celebrating my Grandfather's birthday at Jing Long Seafood Restaurant, the favourite family haunt. As usual, the restaurant was fully packed and we waited for a very long time for the food to be served. Quality of the food was still very good and it was really worth the wait. One thing I found it strange was why they would only serve all the dishes at one go after making the customers wait for a long time.  Why don't they serve the dish one by one with some time interval in between whenever the dish was ready so we won't be starving while waiting?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Despicable Me (3D) and Toy Story 3 (3D) at Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre

Last weekend, we watched the 2 CGI animated 3D movie - "Despicable Me" and "Toy Story 3" on Friday night and Saturday morning respectively. Francis decided to go to Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre to watch these 2 movies as it was less crowded there to watch a movie on a Friday night and it was also one of the very few cineplex to screen "Toy Story 3 (3D) last weekend. As I thought "Despicable Me" was good, "Toy Story 3" was even better! Glad that we still managed to catch the last screening of "Toy Story 3" at Toa Payoh Eng Wah Cinemas.

I also applied for the "Friends of Eng Wah" card last week and while they were processing my card, we took photos with the props around the ticketing counter.
Does he look like the Despicable One?  Haha...
Face Off with the Minion

After watching "Toy Story 3" on a Saturday morning, we had our lunch at Ichiban at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.
I ordered the Soba with Tempura set while Francis ordered sashimi and some sushi.
Salmon and cheese sushi