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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Simple Birthday Celebration with My Family at Jane Thai Food and BLIC @ Simpang Bedok

November is an extremely busy month for me with lots of celebration and of course, feasting.  I suggested to my family this Thai restaurant to celebrate my birthday after reading reviews from many food bloggers.   This restaurant was not very crowded on a weekend afternoon and we didn't need to wait very long for all the dishes to be served.  I DREAD long waits especially when you need to queue or wait for more than half an hour with a growling stomach just to get a seat in the restaurant.

 Hey!  This was the first time I was being served rice moulded in heart shape!  Ok... it was not because I got special treatment for my birthday, as long as you order rice, you will also get this.  :P

Deep-fried Prawn Cake (Thod Mun Thong)
Fried items like this will seldom go wrong.

 Fried Vermicelli with Seafood
 Pineapple Fried Rice
 BBQ Pork (Moo Yang)
-  Nicely marinated pork meat, goes well with the special sauce provided.
 Green Curry
 Steamed Fish

Overall, we all felt that the food at Jane Thai was not bad and of course, value-for-money.
We wanted to order dessert like red ruby or my favourite mango sticky rice,  but on the day that we went, they only served tapioca.  As such, we decided to adjourn to the ice-cream stall next door instead.


My brother had the "Durian King" in cone.
 Hubby and I shared 1 scoop of Bailey's and 1 scoop of Durian King in a cup.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Land - The Little Big Club @ Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, Nusajaya (Johor)

When we reached Puteri Harbour at around 11pm, almost all the crowd was concentrated at level 2 - Hello Kitty Land which I had blogged about it in my previous post.  As such, we decided to break away from the crowd by venturing to level 3 and level 4 first - The Little Big Club.  The Little Big Club is more for kids, but since we were already there, we also got to play and enjoy ourselves like kids, otherwise, it would be a wasted trip! 
These are the characters that you can find at the Little Big Club.

Our first stop:  Angelina Ballerina's dance studio
My friend was really sporting to pick up the props provided, including the "tutu" and started to dance!

The Barney Show... Argh!  Of course, we didn't stay to watch this.  Seriously, it is for kiddos!

We then went to Pingu's igloo.

Nothing much at the 3rd level as you can see.  After playing the above games for a while, we went up to the 4th level to find Thomas & Friends.
 We tried almost all the kiddos' rides!  OMG!  I couldn't believe that we actually took those rides.  Haha!!

There is only one miserable fast-food joint in this whole building.  We decided to have our lunch just before noon before the queue got longer.  There is another little cafe at level one that sells pies and coffee.  The service at this Mc Bunn Cafe was really very very slow.  The queue got ridiculously long from around 12.30pm onwards.  So if you are going to have lunch here (you don't have much choice unless you are driving out), you may want to consider to come here early for brunch to avoid time wasted on queuing. 
The four of us ordered 2 sets of their "Special Meals".

After lunch, we went back to Hello Kitty Land at level 2. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sanario Hello Kitty Town @ Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, Nusajaya

A few months back, I bought the deal coupon to go to Hello Kitty Land in Johor together with my friends at $69.90 per pax from 

The package includes the following:

- 2-way Air-Conditioned Coach (45-Seater)
-  Hello Kitty Town Entrance Pass
-  Little Big Park Entrance Pass
-  Dinner at Chinese Restaurant
-  Guide Service
-  Tipping
-  Group Insurance

We were told by the agent to meet at Newton Food Centre at 8.30am.  My friends and I met earlier so that we could have our breakfast before departing to Malaysia.  However, there was a delay and our coach only arrived around 9+am.

We passed by Legoland before reaching the Hello Kitty Town.  Both themeparks are located very near to each other, about 5 minutes drive away.
Disappointment #1  :(
There are currently many websites showing the Hello Kitty Land with a ferris wheel in an outdoor themepark.  That photo is really misleading and it was that photo that "tricked" me into thinking that Hello Kitty Town was a big themepark, both indoor and outdoor.  In actual fact, Hello Kitty Land and the Little Big Park are both indoor themepark located in this boring building.  
We went on 26 Oct 2012, the tentative date of official launch when we were doing the booking.  However, they postponed the official launch to 10 November.

Ticketing counter
We reached around 11am and the entrance area was super crowded.  We decided to go to the 3rd and 4th level to the Little Big Club first since almost all the crowds were at Level 2 Hello Kitty Town.  I will blog about it in a separate blog post.
Disappointment #2
Upon admission, you will get this activity card.  There are altogether 7 activities at Hello Kitty Town and for every activity completed, you will get a stamp.  According to the guide, after you got 7 stamps, you can exchange for another gift.  However, I don't think it is possible to get all the 7 stamps even if you reach there at 10am when it just open.  For every activity, there will be a long queue and by around 3.45pm, they will stop you from joining the queue already.  Also, for one of the activities, you will need to spend more $$ to purchase the materials required to make the Hello Kitty Doll.  
The Hello Kitty Town is at level 2 of the 4-storey building.  This is the entrance to the Hello Kitty Town.  We came here after our lunch on the 4th level at around 1.30pm.
Hello Kitty Teacups
Queues, Queues everywhere!!!
We decided to go to the "Hello Kitty House" first.

Then, our second and last activity at Hello Kitty Town is this "Hello Kitty Black Wonder".  I won't reveal too much details for this here otherwise it won't be fun for you.  

Basically, you have a task to complete here - To find the passcode that will save Hello Kitty!!
My progress report after completing the Hello Kitty Black Wonder - "B".
Mascot Parade and dance.

After watching the Mascot parade and dance, we decided to view our photos taken by the professional and hurried to level 1, where we could find the merchandise shop and a little cafe.

Only managed to get 2 stamps :(
We got 6 photos for RM 140.
Level 1 merchandise shop

We decided to take a short rest at the Red Bow Cafe whilst waiting for our coach to arrive at 5.15pm.

 The food - According to my friends, nothing fanciful.

I only ordered a cup of coffee as we will be heading for dinner next.
Met my new little friend, Amelia here with her Hello Kitty cookie made at the cookie studio when we were resting at the cafe at Level 1.