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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Hotel Rendezvous

Update April 2013:  Unfortunately, this interesting theme restaurant that I quite like had recently closed down.  Read about HERE

The bistro is located at the 1st level.  This is the place if you want to take photo of the colourful Fullhouse car, a favourite photo-spot for all the customers.

 The restaurant is located at the 2nd level.
 Photo with the mistress of the house, Tracy.
 Interesting menu with comic inside!
 Many branches in Malaysia.

 Minestrone Soup

After dinner, we explored the whole restaurant since it was pretty empty.

You can find cute Fullhouse Tees on sales too.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It is T.G.I.F!!!!

Met up with my Multiply pals last Sunday afternoon to celebrate one of our friends' birthday.

The birthday mummy 
Photo-taking before our food was served.
Stuffed Mushrooms
Potato Skins
Our Mains...

I ordered half slab of ribs....
Brownie with Ice-cream for the birthday gal 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Raw Chocolate Workshop - Raw diet?

I bought the voucher for "chocolate workshop" from one of the deal websites with 2 other friends at $25.  We didn't find out more about the nature of the workshop and thought we would be learning how to make those sweet and sinful chocolate that we always like.  

The venue of the workshop is at cluny court and so I took MRT to Botanic Garden station.  Cluny court is just opposite the station.  From the lift near to Cold Storage, I took to 4th level.

We realized this workshop was about raw diet.  I didn't know there are people who can live by raw diet ie they don't need to use oil to fry their food.  Most of the dishes they prepare can be done by blending and stirring etc.  This workshop focus on cacao (raw form of cocoa) as the main ingredient.

 These chocolates melt very fast in your mouth.

 A bit diluted... I cannot give my milo up for this.

The raw ingredients don't come very cheap too.
I will not be changing my diet to raw although this workshop had given me some exposure to what raw diet is all about.  I cannot live with raw diet even it promises a healthier you.  How about you?