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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pier 21 @ Terminal 21, Bangkok

Our hotel is located within walking distance from Terminal 21 Shopping Mall (next to Asoke BTS station) so we would pass by the mall almost everyday.  We had our dinner for the first night at Terminal 21.  I ordered this bowl of yummy noodles. Guess which restaurant did we patronize?
 Pier 21 - Food court at Terminal 21!
This bowl of noodles cost only 35 baht (less than $2) and I topped up 7 baht for the egg.  It was supposed to be spicy noodles but I think they used Thai chili sauce, so it was sweet but very tasty,  The noodles were topped with crushed peanuts which made it very appetizing.  
 Hubby ordered another 2 dishes.

 The foodcourt was spacious and very clean.  Like all other foodcourts in Bangkok, you need to purchase the stored value card from this counter to buy your food.  The balance can be refunded so no worries.

The cinema complex is located on the 6th level.
Who gave a punch on superhero Baxmax's tummy?

 Jelly Bunny - A popular brand in Bangkok.  Their bags and shoes come in candylicious colour.
We went Bangkok during the Christmas season.
Christmas tree located in front of Terminal 21 shopping mall.

 Merry Christmas to everyone!!! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Taste and Sight of Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok Day 1

Our first stop at Bangkok was Chatuchak Weekend Market after confirming our room as our first day at Bangkok was a Saturday.  
We were very hungry by the time we reached and so food was our first priority.  We ate at a random stall near to the entrance of the market instead of looking around for the "Best Chicken Noodle" at Chatachak.

I ordered Chicken Noodle from this stall and the bowl of thin flat noodles came with a block of blood which you cannot find in Singapore now.  The chicken drumstick meat was tender and the broth was quite tasty.
 Hubby ordered Pork Noodles.
 We also bought our first mango sticky rice for this trip here.  However, the mango was not sweet, disappointing. 
 Bought a bottle of so called fresh orange juice at 20 baht.
You can find paella at Chatuchak too!

 These fruit-shaped soap was really interesting.  Each soap carried the smell of the fruit that made up the shape.
 So this one had a very strong coconut smell.
 Voodoo dolls...

No photography is allowed in certain sections of the market such as the Art gallery and the pets area.  I took a sneak shot of this painting which I find interesting and like it very much. 
This little fellow attracted quite a lot of attention.
Cute notebooks.
 As the weather was very hot, I managed to buy a hat from this shop at only 59 baht and I used it throughout my trip.  :)
 Hello Kitty blowing bubbles.
 Must-try when you are at Chatuchak.
 The coconut fresh was quite sweet and tender too.

 The various types of toppings that you can choose to go with the ice-cream.
 Our coconut ice-cream with red beans, corns and peanuts!  Yum! Yum!

Napat Closet and Cafe.  (Section 2 Soi 40/2, R232-242)  
The cafe is located behind the boutique.
 After walking for almost 3 hours at Chatuchak market, our legs were tired and I suggested going to this popular cafe to rest our feet as well as to enjoy their waffle.  It is a very small cafe with only like 10 seats.
Happy smurf macarons!
Swiss rolls with cute smurfs cartoons print on it.
We ordered their signature waffle with Green Tea Ice-cream and also Strawberry Latte.

After that, we took a slow walk back to the BTS station to take a train back to Asoke station.
  View from Mo Chit BTS station.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road,
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand
Open on every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

How To Get To Chatuchak Weekend Market?
BTS Station: Mo Chit (Exit 1)