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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Mussel Guys @ Vivocity

Our Last Meal for the year 2009
We planned to go Vivocity for our new year countdown.  Upon reaching the place, we found almost all the restaurants were having long queues at their doors especially Sushi Tei and Marche.  We walked a few rounds in the shopping centre and saw this restaurant:  The Mussel Guys and guess what, there was no queue! The staff was quite friendly and told us that we just need to wait for about 5 minutes for the table.
Opposite seats were not occupied so we managed to take our self-portraits at the unblocked mirror :)
The soup is inclusive in the set menu which cost $15.90.
Very diluted, don't have any mushroom taste at all.
4 pieces of Canadian Oysters at $3 each (min order of 4)

500g of Belgium Mussels ($25.90)
Dory with T-boned Lamb steak

This meal cost about $66.  After that, we continued with our shopping but many shops already started closing as it was about 9.30pm.  We went to Daiso where we bought quite a number of little household items.  Everything is just $2! How we wish there is a Daiso branch at Tampines!

We chanced upon a shop that sell many different items in different cubicles from different tenants.  You pay the shop $50 per month for rental of 1 cubicle and you can sell your stuffs in there.  I found this very interesting one.... For those born in the 1970s, I think you will recognize them =P

At around 10.30pm, we left Vivocity for home.  Yes, it may sound stupid as our intention was to have our countdown there but we realized that we need to have tickets in order to go up to watch the performance by The MediaCorp Channel 8!!  Countdown 2010 Party!!!  Anyway, we went back home to do our own little countdown at the TV with a few toasts of red wine.

Mussel Guys
Seafood & Steak Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-123, Vivocity
Tel: 6820 1800

Monday, December 28, 2009

Yamazaki @ Tampines 1

My little breakfast (motivation to wake up early) today..... I will usually skip breakfast during the holidays as by the time I wake up, it is time for lunch. Today, I make it a point to wake up earlier to have breakfast, at the same time also to tune myself to the normal routine. Tomorrow got to wake up the same time as normal school day as there is staff contact time at 8am. :( Time flies....

This is green tea with red bean cake. It is not very firm and once you bite on it, the cake crumbs will fall all over and could be quite a messy affair.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

X'mas Family Gathering at Sengkang

Another family gathering on X'mas evening.  This time round it was gathering with my hubby's family.  On special occasions like Chinese New Year and X'mas, the family was very supporting and there will always be somebody who will organize games for the occasions.
My little contribution for the evening - Baked mini Portebello mushrooms with ham and cheese!
This time, my brother-in-law organized a quiz on the history of Xinghua history.  So weird right?  Some of us asked hey, now is Christmas and not Chinese New Year you know??!!  Nevertheless, the family had lots of fun and laughter... think we are all very good game organizers.
After that, we played Bingo!!
Our first winner for Bingo!!
The young ones continued with more rounds of food after the game
We had a X'mas log cake too!!
and here is the Santarina of the day!
You can read more about our celebration at my sister-in-law's blog here

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a family gathering at my Grandma's place on X'mas Eve.
4th auntie got this very nice cheery cake from Gallery Hotel.
Before unwrapping the cake....
Our food!!!!!

One pack of Hor Fun cost $10.  There were a few pieces of sea cucumbers inside...
3rd aunt couldn't find anymore turkey in the supermarket and she bought salmon instead :)
Of course, we had the normal stuffs like satay and BBQ chicken wings....
In case you are wondering where to get these chicken wings, here is the address:
Hope you enjoy Christmas with all your loved ones!

Saizeriya @ Liang Court

Today, I joined hubby's department for their "Family Day". We reached Liang Court at around 8.30am for MacDonald's Big breakfast after passing through $7.50 worth of ERP! :( After a very long breakfast, they had some gift exchange and then, we went for the Singapore river cruise at around 10.30am. A pity that today's weather was not good, it was raining and we could just sit inside the boat, unable to take good photos of the landscape while doing the boring cruise.

Hubby and I went to Audio House and a mattress boutique after the activity. For lunch, we decided to re-visit Saizeriya - a Japanese Italian family restaurant.  They served mainly pastas/ pizzas/ hamburgers and steaks.
Escargots (Must Try!)
I think these escargots were rather quite addictive, especially with the garlic.  Around $5 for 6 escargots, quite worth it :)
Mushroom Soup
Hamburger with Mushroom (My order) - $7.89
Seafood Gratin ~ $5
We also ordered a bottle of 500ml of red wine (~ $14)
In short, the food in this "budget restaurant" is quite value-for-money.  But if you are looking for authentic Jap/ Italian food, you may be disappointed.