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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wendy's @ Tampines

Update:  1 May 2015 - The last outlet of Wendy's at NUS also closed down.

Wendy's had been back in Singapore for about a year but until now, then I got the chance to visit this fast food chain when it opened its branch at Tampines quite recently.
To be truthful, it was a disappointing meal.  The beef patty was rather dry and not juicy like what their advert has claimed.  :(
 I had heard some good reviews on Wendy's chili ($2.70) too but too bad, this one doesn't suit our tastebud too.  It is made of minced beef, mixed vegetables and kidney beans.  The beans were soft and I thought Wendy's Chili would taste better without those beans. 
Not intending to revisit the restaurant again in near future.....

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