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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Dong Zhi (冬至节) !!

We bought 2 packets of Glutinous Rice Ball from "Shop & Save" which cost $3.45 for 2.  I had tried to cook these frozen rice balls (another brand) two years ago and I remember that the fiilings in the glutinous rice balls were hard and the glutinous skin split easily.  Decided to give it another try today.
The pink ones have peanut fillings and the white ones have red bean paste.  Each pack also come with a packet of grated peanuts.
I decided to cook 10 glutinous rice balls today.  First, I put the rice balls in boiled water and ensured they didn't stick to each other or the side of the pan.  The next step is to bring the water to boil again until the rice balls float.
Drain the water and serve 5 glutinous rice balls in each bowl. 
After that, I proceeded to heat the soya bean milk in the pan together with the grated peanuts given.
Ready to serve!
Happy that this time round the glutinous rice balls didn't spilt and were quite tasty.  =)

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