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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Class BBQ ~ EZB BBQ Service

Organized a BBQ for my class at my place.  All food and BBQ items were ordered from EZB online service.  I had tried other BBQ online caterers before and I must say that EZB is the best on so far.  They offer a wide variety of food items and also some own creations like Choconana, Cheesy meshed potato rolls.  The black pepper chicken fillet that I had ordered were also very well marinated.  Definitely, the food is worth what we had paid for.
All items were ordered to my place on time.
The cooked food like fried noodles, pineapple rice were very tasty too.  They were quite generous with the ingredients.  =)  My students finished them all up.

This was my 2nd BBQ this month.  I regretted not ordering from EZB for my first BBQ that was held in school.  I thought I would want to go for a change and I ordered from another BBQ online service.  Although their price is generally cheaper but the quality was really not there.  In future, if I were to use any BBQ one-stop service, I will not hesitate to use EZB services.  =)

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Wen said...

The BBQ caterer looks good! Merry Christmas Miso!