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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gindako @ Ion Orchard

The first time I dropped by Ion food basement, there was a very very long queue at Gindako so I didn't get to try this the other time. The second time I came, on a weekday afternoon, there was absolutely no queue at all. Without any hesitation, I bought 1 set for my lunch.

You can choose 6 or 10 takoyaki balls. Saw a man who was lunching alone, ordered the bigger set! I wonder how he can finish them?! After I finished the 4th one, I was already full!

6 takoyaki with Matcha float ($4.80)

Ingredient includes lots of spring onions, 1 small piece of octopus and also seaweed. Personally, I don't really fancy the favour of seaweed, but it is just a personal preference. =P


myfoodsirens said...

I can understand the prob with Blogger. Happened to me too, that's why I changed to wordpress haha.

Anyway, was the matcha float nice? It looks thick and good in the pic! =)

Anonymous said...

love takoyaki..they're really delicious..i'm alway graving for japanese food especially takoyaki..

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Miso said...

Hi myfoodsirens,
Thanks for dropping by. I don't really like the matcha float. But maybe it is just me =P You go and try it out too!

I wish the takoyaki also come in a set of 3. I prefer snacking around and not to have it as a proper meal.