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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Platypus Test Kitchen @ Clifford Centre

This restaurant is not in Australia but in Singapore.  A fairly new restaurant which I think is very popular amongst the office workers working near Raffles Place.  It is located at a little corner on the 2nd level of Clifford Centre.  I almost missed it because I didn't see the signboard of the restaurant.  Reached there around 1pm and the restaurant was still pretty crowded. 

While most of the staff working there are quite young, my food was being served to me by a very friendly auntie.  Their fresh pasta cost around $15.50 while the normal dried ones cost a few dollars cheaper.

Wild Mushroom Soup
The soup was thick and I think it might be better than my favourite mushroom soup from "The Soup Spoon".  I can come back again just for this mushroom soup!
The staff recommended the following fresh pasta for me.
Summer Truffle Egg Tagliatelle ($15.50)
Egg Tagliatelle with summer truffles, Parmigiano-Reggiano and chives
The pasta was soft and this dish was really very flavoursome.  Might not be a good choice to have this if you order the very rich and creamy mushroom soup in the same set.

Regular Tea
Total Bill:  $9.90 as I bought the discount voucher from

24 Raffles Place
#02-02 Clifford Centre S048621
Tel: 65337402

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Anonymous said...

The pasta looks good, and I love the name of the restaurant!