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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old Hong Kong Tea House @ Katong Village

Initial plan was to go to C-Nai HK Cafe as my colleague told me that the food was quite good and at night, they got a live band that plays Mandarin pop songs to entertain the diners.  However, when we drove past C-Nai, it was closed and thus, we came here as our alternative.

Old Hong Kong Tea House has this menu with an interesting cover.  Like many other HK cafe, it offers many varieties of food.
 I was craving for thick peanut toast but the ones that they served are these thin sliced toast.  :(
 The century egg porridge came in a huge bowl, enough for two person to share.  It will be too much for 1 person to finish it.  Sadly, the porridge was quite tasteless.
 Carrot Cake in XO sauce and beansprouts
I missed the one at Asia Grand Restaurant @ Odeon Tower
 Custard Buns

 Pork Trotter in Vinegar
 Chicken beancurd roll.  You can find fish maw and mushroom inside too.  Not many places serve this Dim Sum.  I ordered this for hubby to try as I tried really good ones in Hong Kong.
 The skin of the "Xiao Long Bao" was too thick and in my opinion, you can give this a miss.
 At the counter, ready to foot the bill.

Overall, I feel that their standard of the dim sum is quite average.  if you are looking for affordable dim sum and not too particular with the quality, you can come here and try. 

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