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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Munch Saladsmith @ Marina Link Mall

Marina Link Mall is a newly opened underground mall in Raffles Place area. We had a hard time finding the entry to the carpark of Marina Link Mall and it took us quite a while to locate this place. Of course, if you take MRT, it shouldn't be a problem. Marina Link Mall, to our disappointment, is much smaller than our CityLink Mall. Not many shops, about four restaurants like "Ding Tai Fung", "Paradize Inn", "Ichiban" and "Absolute Thai".

We parked our car at B1 and realized that the entrance to the mall is at B2.
Marina Link Mall
We were here for "Munch" as we got the E-voucher from  As such, we paid $10.50 for the 2 hotplates (I had the dory fillet and hubby ordered the roasted chicken) + 4 salads (should be side dishes).
Side Dishes:  Pasta with Bacon, Thai Salad
Hubby commented that the roasted chicken was quite tasty.
Side Dishes:  Pasta with Tuna, Chicken with Walnuts, Roasted Chicken
The staff was very friendly and gave me additional portion of side dish as he said the my second side dish got not enough chicken.  Haha.. so I topped up with roasted chicken with no extra cost.  Actually, the servings was really really very generous.
Without discount, it would have costed about $10.50 for a plate like this.
Very bright and neat setting.  Food was decent but a pity that there isn't any crowd here.  We were the only customers at 7.30pm on a Friday night.  I like the side dishes more than my dory fillet which I thought was a bit overcooked.  Also, it would better if the "hotplate" ie the dory or the chicken is served hot.  The side dishes were quite filling for me, probably I chose all the "meaty" type.
Gourmetestorie gave a wonderful review of Munch.  But do note that probably due to economical reasons and to keep their salads fresh, you will not be seeing such a big spread of side dishes at the salad bars shown in his blog during dinner time.  When we were there, we only had a choice of less than 10 side dishes to choose from.  Maybe they have a bigger spread during lunch hours to cater for the people working around the area.

Marina Bay Link Mall
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