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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meals at Chinatown, Melbourne

Initially, I thought we would only have western food in Melbourne but I was so wrong. As we took up a tour package, the meals that were inclusive in our package were all Chinese food. We had both lunch and dinner at Chinatown on our first day in Melbourne.  We were supposed to have 5 dishes + 1 soup for our first meal but the driver (cum tour guide) changed them to Dim Sum instead.  Guess Dim Sum is cheaper and thus the change :(  We had our lunch at "Shark Fin Inn" and our dinner at "Shark Fin House" but no shark fins were served. 
 Entrance to Chinatown
Basically, it is just a long stretch of road with all the shops/ restaurants on both sides of the road
 Shark Fin Inn
Our Dim Sum Lunch
This one tasted quite good.
Other than the Dim Sum, we also had one plate of noodles (生面) which you have to eat the noodles with the hot gravy.

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orionstar said...

heh, I was in MEL last Aug and we'd tried to avoid Chinese food... But I think there are some nice Chinese restaurants, just that we didn't try any... Enjoy yr vacation...