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Friday, December 31, 2010

Melbourne F&E - Day 6 (Last Day)

Last day of our Melbourne Trip:  My ex-student, Sze Ying came to our hotel at 10am and brought us out for brunch at Lygon Street near her university.  We had our brunch at an Italian Restaurant.  Service was very slow.  Our food was served almost only half an hour later although the restaurant was not really very crowded.  Not too sure whether it is Aussie's culture?  I remember the night before, we also waited very long for our dishes to be served to us

  I ordered the seafood risotto as I had never tried risotto before.  It had many dried oysters in it and it was quite a tasty dish.
Sze Ying's Breakfast
We had a good catching up over brunch and after that, we proceeded to an ice cream parlour to have ice-cream!!  Yup.. ice-cream in a cold weather...
The presentation of the different flavoured ice-cream was rather interesting.  There was a durian husk for durian ice-cream and also, did you see a small tea cup for green tea ice-cream?

Sze Ying brought us to the University Of Melbourne for a walk.
The school canteen..

Us at the clock tower
"Moo-Moo" building.... Haha...
 We reached the hotel at 2.30pm and saw the other group members all bought some Churros.  We also bought 2 to try. Not cheap... 1 churro cost AUD 4.95!!

 Spotted this interesting pub "Witches and Bitches" on the coach.
 We reached the airport very early and there was still sufficient time for us to do some last minute shopping.  We bought lots of Tim Tam!!  All different flavours! =)

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