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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BBQ on a Rainy X'mas Day

This was my 3rd BBQ of the month.  We had a semi-BBQ at my parents' place to celebrate Christmas.  It was like a potluck style.  In the afternoon, Francis and I went to Cheers at Downtown East to buy the BBQ items like charcoal, wire mesh etc.  We were also in charge of buying the satays and we bought the satays at the Otak specialty shop opposite Cheers.
Fire started quite easily.  Thanks to....
the Man Behind the Scene =)

Granny's home-cooked beehoon and she cooked curry chicken to go with the beehoon too!

My 2 cousins having fun in the water...
Towards the evening, there was a bit of drizzle.  Shortly after, there was a downpour!!  Our BBQ pit was not sheltered and even the so-called "Shelter" above the tables and chairs was not covered.  We got to seek refuge at these shelters next to the pool! 

This year, I had also prepared X'mas gifts to all my cousins.  Hope they like the little gifts from us!

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