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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Phillip Island - Panny's Amazing World of Chocolate

We departed from hotel at 11am and thus, we could get more sleep. The driver told us that we would reach the hotel back not earlier than 11pm. At Phillip Island, before the penguin parade, we went to the Panny's Chocolate Factory, Koala Conservatory Centre, Cowes Jetty and also the Nobbies Centre.

We had a stopover at this jetty for some photo-taking and a cup of coffee.

There are many seagulls here... This looks like a fierce one!
Yay!  We reached the Chocolate Factory!!! 

We were given a sample of chocolate truffles at the entrance.  We were being guided on the process of chocolate making and the rest of the time was pretty much on our own to explore the place and to play with the chocolate making machines inside.

Penguins made of chocolates
Entrance to the chocolate factory
These are not the real chocolate.... The REAL ones are inside
Including this statue of "David", it is made of chocolate!!
This mosaic is made of 12,000 individual chocolates created at the chocolate factory.  There are 36 different types of chocolates used to make this mosaic.

The kids as well as adults were having fun playing with the various machines.
You can customise your own design of the chocolate at this machine and catch your chocolate at the other end!

Chocolate Waterfall

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