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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inflight Meals on Emirates

Day 1 - We took a night flight (flying with Emirates at 10.25pm) and thus, dinner was served on board.  The entertainment on Emirates was good.  There were so many movies to choose from and we could still continue to watch the movies without much disruption when the plane was taking off/ landing.

Our late dinner on our flight from Singapore to Melbourne.  The portion of the fish was really generous.
Dinner for return flight.  Choice of chicken or fish and we decided to choose fish again.


holyland tours said...

I got to tell you, it seems that even on a high class airline such as this one - airplane food is still airplane food. I mean, the breakfast stuff looks fine, but the rest is all packaged up the usual way. I remember years ago, I'm talking like 1999, when Virgin was what it was then, I got an amazing meal, sitting in coach. They had a menu and decent wine and it was served on a plate. It was quite yummy. It's quite an interesting subject for a blog - photograph airline meals and compare them.

Miso said...

Thanks for sharing yr flight meal experience!

Paket Wisata Dieng said...

nice posting :) thanks to share