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Sunday, September 11, 2011

McDonald's Open Doors Kitchen Tour @ King Albert Park

I was indeed privileged to receive an invitation to McDonald's Open Doors Kitchen Tour at King Albert Park.  The McDonald's Open Doors (Singapore) was launched in 2009 and about 5000 customers had since participated in this kitchen tour.  Photography was specially permitted for this special session and I really got no reason to miss out this great event!

The McDonald's Open Doors' Ambassadors giving us some background information
More than 20 bloggers attended the event and we were split into 2 groups.  See some familiar faces here?
Our guide for the kitchen tour
Front Counter
There are 2 staff at each counter; one is in-charge of taking customer's orders while the other staff is the runner.  I learnt that they implemented the "Made-For-You" kitchen system whereby the burgers were prepared hot and fresh on the spot.  They don't pre-made the burgers and no more re-heating is required.

Frying Station
100% vegetable oil with no cholesterol and no trans fat

How much to prepare?

Quality Check
Once the patties are cooked, they are stored here.  Once the light goes off, the patties in that particular compartment cannot be served to the customers anymore.
Grill Station
For grilling the beef patties....

The hand gloves come in 2 different colours.
Blue: To be used when handling raw items
White: To be used to handle cooked items
Chiller and Freezer
Ready to go into the Chiller Room?
See all the fluffy pancakes on the shelves?
Into the Freezer....
We even got the rare opportunity to go into the chiller and freezer where the perishables are stored! 

The different types of buns with their respective expiry dates
Look at these beautiful buns!  Got the urge to call for McDelivery now!

Dry Store
The items are not placed directly on the floor due to hygiene reason.

 Our last stop:  The Crew Room
I think the staff were intimidated by us.  We were like a mob of paparazzi, trying to find out more about every single thing in this room.  Don't think they could really enjoy their lunch break in peace.  Haha...

 Photo of me at the McDonald Kitchen
 We were served with some finger food such as McWings and McNuggets after the kitchen tour.   
We also got to try their Cheese Shaker Fries and Holicks Mcflurry  - New Items!
 Haha.... I got pretty excited to find The Hamburglar here. 
 3 little treats from McDonalds for each of us after the kitchen tour.  :)
 Zero... Zero.... Zero... Zero....
Members of the public can now register for McDonald's Open Doors online at:

I did a check on the website and realized that the Open Doors Kitchen is so popular that all slots from now till November were all taken up.  You may leave your particulars with them so that you will be notified immediately once the slots after November are opened!

I would like to thank Yue Feng from GolinHarris and McDonald's for the special invitation.  =)


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FoodieFC said...

Great post! did not know they had QC and even pay attention to small details such as separate gloves for raw and cooked food!

The open house slots are all taken up!