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Saturday, December 19, 2015

My first successful Home-Baked Butter Cookies

X'mas is around the corner.  As I was still enjoying my holiday after my Japan trip, I decided to bake something for my friends and family.  Chanced upon Miss Tam Chiak's butter cookies recipe (she had taken much effort to experiment the proportion of the ingredients to get the kind of cookies like Jenny bakery), I decided to give it a try.

As I am very new to baking, I need to buy all the different types of flour and icing sugar.
 200g of Goldern Churn Tin butter
 Sieve 50g of icing sugar.
 Mix the butter and icing sugar altogether.
 Beat the till the colour becomes paler and fluffy.  (Not sure whether I overdid it).
 Sieve three different types of flour together - 50g of plain flour, 100g of top flour and 50g of corn flour.
 According to Miss Tam Chiak, need to sieve the flour twice.
 Fold the ingredients together with a spatula.
 Put the dough into the piping bag and pipe the cookies.  This was my first time piping the cookies on my own, so not sure about the right technique.  These are my "anyhow" piped-cookies.
 End product!  Not too bad right?  Tasted good too!  Thanks Miss Tam Chiak for the recipe!  =)

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