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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meiji Run 2015 @ Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Meiji Run 2015

I love Meiji milk!

Yogurt Pool.  We didn't want to try this because we were not prepared to get our legs dirty.

After the run, everybody started to "picnic" on the beach.
Happened to meet my colleague at the event too!  :)
We did an hour of yoga too after the run.
Our entitlement after the run.

Pauline and I stayed until the end of the event.  We were also the last few who managed to take photos with the mascots.
Meiji Fair was still open for the last few customers.  The Meiji products were selling at a cheaper price at the fair.  However, I didn't get any.  :(  It was troublesome to carry them back as I was taking the MRT back and I was also carrying my yoga mat.

My cute Meiji Run 2015 medal.

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