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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Indonesian Grill @ Suntec foodcourt

Whenever we are at Suntec foodcourt, it seems that we never fail to have our meal at this stall "Indonesian Grill".
We seem to love this so much that we have not patronize other stalls at Suntec foodcourt. We are always here for the grilled chicken. Yummy!


Stargirl said...

ooh i just had ayam pangang at the kopitian at compass point and it looks really similar to yours. the chicken was really nice!

dot. said...

this looks like the one at plaza singapura food court too! If so, it's sooo good! The black sauce is terribly addictive :D

Miso said...

@Stargirl: Guess they have many branches in the various shopping malls foodcourt. There is one at Tampines Mall as well :)

@dot.: I have not been to plaza sing food court for quite some time. "Sparklette" blog gave quite a bit of info on this stall

Anonymous said...

Traveling to Singpore for the first time two weeks ago, I'm sooo glad I stumbled upon the Indonesian Grill. The food was so yummy!!! I will definitely come back here on the next trip. Btw, great blog. --J from SF

Miso said...

Hi J,
Welcome to Singapore! Hope you had enjoyed yourself!
Thanks for dropping by! :)


Anonymous said...

Miso: Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoy browsing your food blog very much; it's one of the best.

Singapore is awesome. I missed the food (Laksa, fish head curry, Indonesian grill' chicken, and so forth) (I can't find them in the US) and my Singaporean drinking buddies. One restaurant/pub that we enjoyed going and definitely will return is Brussels Sprouts. The place serves nice cold Belgium beers and yummy mussels and clams. I don't see anything about drinks on your blog, so I assume you don't drink. But you can enjoy the mussels and clams. :)~~ J.