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Friday, March 26, 2010

Nakhon Kitchen @ Bedok North

My family went to the temple at Bedok as we needed to do some praying for Grandpa. (100th day since he passed away). After that, we went to a nearby Thai restaurant for lunch. I was quite surprised to find such a decent thai restaurant at this part of the neighbourhood. As expected, the restaurant was full and we waited for quite a while before they set up our tables outside the restaurant. As there were 16 of us, we ordered quite a lot of food. Every dish, we got to order a few portions so everybody get to sample abit here and there. I didn't take photos of all the dishes as most of us were very hungry by then. Once the food was served, whoever took it would immediately scoop a bit into their own plate first then passed around. :P

Thai Fish Cake
Pandan Chicken
These side dishes were good and I will greatly recommend you to try.
Pineapple Fried Rice
Fried Rice
We also ordered Olive Rice but I didn't quite like that.
Green Curry 
Ordered Tom Yam Soup and that was really HOT!
Red Ruby
Sticky Mango Rice

It is good to discover such a nice little Thai restaurant that is serving authentic Thai food at an affordable price in the neighbourhood area. Guess it will continue to gain its popularity amongst the resident there.

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Wen said...

I like Nakhon Kitchen too! Always go to the Hougang branch.