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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Warren 1st Birthday Party!! 1st Meet-Up with my Multiply friends!!!

As teachers, we always tell our students never meet up with your cyber friends as these "friends" might fake their identities and harm them. By chance, I had been actively involved in "Multiply" social websites for a number of years and got to know many online friends through Multiply. Although we had never met before, through one another's blogs and photos, we seemed to know each other very well. My Multiply friend, Hazel invited me to her son, Warren 1st Birthday Party. I was pretty excited and agreed almost immediately. I had been reading her blog, her photos for so many years and finally I would get to meet her and her family and also many other Multiply friends at the party! :)
Warren has got chubby cheeks!  So cute!!  =)

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