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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cameron Highland - Day 2 (Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation/ Cactus Valley/ Brinchang Night Market/ Steamboat Dinner)

Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation
After lunch, we proceed to the Tea Plantation. The last time Francis and I went to the Boh Tea Plantation instead.
Only the 2 of us from the family went down to take photos.  The rest just stayed at the cafe to enjoy their tea/ desserts.
We settled for a cup of Masala Tea (Indian spice tea) here at the cafe.
Next destination ->  Cactus Valley
You can find many little potted cactus at a very cheap price.
Top view:  Very colourful right? :P
and the bigger pots... colour look rather dull as compared to the above picture
This place is also linked to Strawberry and Hydroponics farm
My cousin, Krystal with the pack of strawberries that she had plucked on her own!
Brinchang Night Market
It was really a wrong choice to bring us here just before dinner time.  We got to save our stomach for the steamboat dinner.  Thus, we could only feast at these with our eyes.
Steamboat Dinner

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