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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kamado Japanese Wood Fire Restaurant @ 313 Somerset

Last 2nd stop (for makan) of the day after an already very packed afternoon. Rushed down to Somerset to meet my friends - Lijuan, Ruijun & Joyce :) This restaurant is a fairly new restaurant recommended by RJ and there is no review of this restaurant online yet, I think :P  It is also operated under The Asian Kitchen Group.
The adjacent tables are arranged too close for comfort.  Also, the chairs that they use are higher than the cushion seats inside.  Thus, Joyce and I felt a bit weird at first as we were seated much higher than RJ and LJ. :D
RJ and I had this ala-carte Unagi Kamameshi each (~ $12)
LJ ordered the Chicken Kamameshi ala-carte and Joyce ordered the Beef Kamameshi ala-carte.  Actually the restaurant only has 4 different types of Kamameshi, namely Beef, Chicken, Pork and Unagi.
We all didn't order the set because the set deal, which consists of miso soup, pickles and a side dish didn't seem to be very impressive (also not too sure what side dishes are available, we couldn't find them in the menu).
Grilled Squid ($12)
Haha.... First time seeing Ginko Nuts on grill! ($2)
Oh yah... Did I mention that this was only our 2nd last stop for makan?  Because we adjourned to Ootoya for desserts after that!!  However, when we reached Ootoya, the restaurant was full at around 9pm and we got a queue number and were advised to come back 20 minutes later.
Our desserts... Soy ice-cream and the bitter green tea cake was good!


dot. said...

I've been passing by this new restaurant several times but never tried it! Worth the visit? :)

Miso said...

Their food is quite decent but feel that their menu is rather limited. After trying once, you won't feel like going another time. If there is no queue, you may just want to drop by and try :) However, if there is a long queue, then maybe not worth the time.