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Friday, February 26, 2010

Cameron Highland - Day 2 (Rose Valley/ Tringkap Bee Farm/ Strawberry Farm)

Day 2 - Our first stop was at "Rose Valley"
Rose Valley
You can find a wide varieties of flowers and cactus here at Rose Valley, not just roses.
We found strawberries here too... but mostly still green (not ripe yet)
Strange looking gourds.....

Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm
Upon reaching the bee farm, we were brought to this counter for some "educational" talk on honey/ royal jelly.  Since the tub of honey that I had at home was running low, I decided to bought 1 tub of honey for RM45.  We came back here to buy the honey after going down to the bee farm.
Hey, this worker bee saying "Hello" to us!!
Must wear proper track shoes to come here so that you will not slip
Photo with my cousins - Gabriel, Johnathan and Grace
Krystal posing happily with the tub of honey we had bought
After visiting the bee farm, the guide brought us to this place saying that we might be able to pluck some strawberries here. 
Kok Lim Strawberry Farm
However, when we reached the place, we realized that there was no strawberry to pluck here as they were still not ripe.  3rd aunt and her family visited this "Time Tunnel" and they said it was very enriching.
The rest of us went to the shop nearby to find some snacks to munch :)
Chocolate Fondue... but not very nice as the chocolate had hardened....
Francis holding 1 stick of strawberry fondue with one hand, the other hand holding the ice lolly
The strawberries here were only nice to look at as they were mostly not very sweet.  Thus, some sellers put some sugary syrup to make them taste sweeter.
This stall was selling many varieties of strawberry snacks eg. strawberry tarts/ strawberry cakes and strawberry juice.
I bought a strawberry tart and a strawberry cheesecake for afternoon tea.
Our lunch was at this restaurant "Country Lodge" which was located below Hainanese Association.
Curry Chicken
Duck meat with Thai Salad
Deep fried fish again... Think the fish at Cameron Highland are not very fresh, thus they will usually deep fried the fish to make it taste better.
Lunch was good and we were back to the same restaurant for steamboat dinner on the same day.
To be continued....

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