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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ipoh 三宝佛洞

On the last day, we departed from Cameron Highland to Ipoh before travelling back to Singapore. Of course, at Ipoh, we visited the famous "San Bao Temple" (三宝佛洞)
We took a family photo at the entrance of the temple :)
Entering the cave...
There is a turtle pond here with lots of turtle.  You can buy food to feed them.  Some of them are really big!
We took more group photos opposite the turtle pond.  It is really a rare opportunity for so many family members to go on a trip together, isn't it?

Grandma, Mother and the Aunties
Mother and Aunties
The MEN - Uncle Louise not in the photo cos he wondered off to buy ice-cream.  Haha...
The "Young Ones" (Including ME!!)
After "San Bao Cave", we went to the "Nan Tian Cave" (南天洞)
You can pray to "Goddess Guanyin" here
Lastly, after the 2 caves, we arrived at the last one "Yun Xian Yan" (云仙岩)

We spent almost the whole morning here and after that, it was lunch time!
It was the 3rd day of Lunar New Year and "Yu Sheng" was included in our lunch.
After lunch, the tour guide brought us to a local product shop and he told us that the boss of the shop was the boss of Five-Star Tour Agency. 
Then the rest of the time was spent on travelling..... till dinner time at a restaurant in Yong Peng.  Before we went to the restaurant, we made a very quick stop near the restaurant to collect the very famous 小妹Muar Otak  that we ordered.  :)
Of course, this was a very short trip to Ipoh.  To be exact, we only spent maybe at most 2 hours here.  We would definitely make a trip here again, probably self-drive next time and tried all the Ipoh famous food items.  Till next time!
小妹 Famous Muar Otak
The otak is halal-certified so our muslim friends can get to enjoy it too :)
Unwrapped the newspaper and we got....
Otak in its frozen state!
Simply put into the microwave oven to defrost, heat....take it out from oven, cut and serve!
Look at the generous amount of fish meat in the otak.  It is really really good and left us craving for more.  No wonder my aunties all grabbed like 5 to 10 packets each :)

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