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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eight Immortals Vegetarian Restaurant (The Village @ Jurong Hill)

Mother-in-law decided to go on a vegetarian diet on her birthday.  Hubby did a google search on the Internet and found this restaurant 八仙素食園 near Jurong Bird Park.  We thought that the restaurant might be located next to the teppanyaki place that we went before but it is actually located at the bottom of the hill nearer to Ah Yat restaurant.  We browsed through the menu and was surprised at the names of the dishes.  Are we at a vegetarian restaurant?  Because we saw "Suckling Pig" in the menu!  Haha....  Sinful.. Sinful... Of course, all are mock meat :P
Deep fried mushrooms (Look like soft shell crabs right?)
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Curry Fish
Tofu, Mushrooms, Prawns!
and finally, we also had Pork Ribs!  Haha...
Anyway, I think it was my first time going to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant and I thought that the food was really quite good and affordable.  Definitely worth to visit again... Next time to try.... Suckling Pig!!

Eight Immortals Vegetarian Restaurant (The Village@ Jurong Hill)
#01-06, 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 629143
Tel: 62667707


Anonymous said...

HI May i know how much you spend for the hving dinner @ eight immortal vegetarian restaurant?i m planning bringing friends going there as well...
thks for your info!!

Miso said...

It is not very expensive, on average each person should be around $15