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Friday, March 19, 2010

Pepper Lunch Express @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

Today I have one whole free day on my own. Decided to go down to City Hall to do some shopping and also to get a pressie for my student who has invited me to her birthday party tomorrow. I wanted to try the tempura again from Tenya but was disappointed that the stall was no longer there. Has it closed down or relocated? I am not too sure. Thus, I decided to settle for Pepper Lunch Express.
Ordered the Unagi with egg :)

Actually the unagi was already cooked, but still got to stir everything including the egg till it became like this:
Of course, I added in a lot of honey brown sauce and the garlic source to give it a stronger favour.

After shopping, I bought some bread from "Epidor - Four Leaves" bakery and of course not forgetting my favourite cheese and onion focaccia bread for dinner. 

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